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  1. Hi neurostar,

    Later on in the year, in the early hours, you'll get to see Mars and Jupiter - both should be quite identifiable through your bins. If you're not using it already try 'Stellarium', a great piece of free software. This will help you out no end too - esspecially if you have a laptop you can take out with you.

    Also, try using a red torch as this won't affect your night vision so much.

    You don't need a telescope or powerful bins to enjoy the hobby as you've found out but I won't lie - it opens up whole new vistas.

    You're lucky you had clear skies - I've been waiting for what seems like ever for another night out. :(

    Best wishes for your next obs session :)

  2. It's all about light gathering. I guess all things equal in terms of focal length and eyepiece used you'd see more in the 8". The advice I had was buy as big as you can. I'm glad I did as portability is not a concern for me.

  3. Simple answer, yes! Effectively doubles up your EP range. I've always wondered if there's much of a difference between a stock barlow (one that comes with your 'scope) and a premium one.

    Don't quote me on this, but it will also have a lot to do with your usable magnification. Anyone with a jot more experience than me could give more insight on that.

  4. Being a noob I decided it was best for me to get a manual mount first - learn how to use it and then when I'm comfortable enough with it I can invest in a 'go to'.

    TBH I've spent the money on EP upgrades anyway which is better for me.

    That being said, I've yet to properly set up my EQ mount and I still don't have to much bother bending the mount to my will. :)

    Horses for courses! Spend the money on a swanky new EP or get a go to. You'll certainly spend less time finding and more time seeing.

  5. I have the SkyWatcher 200 on an EQ5 and I love it! The supplied lenses are okay but I purchased a Celestron EP kit with a better 2x barlow and 6 filters. It's a big scope for the money and I'm glad I went for it over a smaller 'scope with a 'Goto' mount.

    A friend asked me why I didn't bother with a computerised mount the other day and I told him 'I'd rather learn how to read a map before I bought a SatNav, just in case'.

    Hope that helps.

  6. @todd8137

    Great tip! It's always good to hear which filters people are trying out. I have a #80A and #56 in my filter pack so I'll give them a go. No #11 but I have #12 which I use more often for Saturn. Would there be much of a difference?

    No chance of clear skies here (Colchester, UK) tonight though :(

  7. I've been viewing at at 2300hrs (ish). I'm in north Essex so you might want adjust that a little bit.

    Stellarium is great for this question. Punch in your location and use the time control to see when it is at it's highest in the sky.

    I think there's a new moon (no moon) on the 3rd of May - that should help with viewing although I've used a filter to tone Saturn down. It's already quite bright.

    Happy viewing! :)

  8. Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies on the 3rd May (I think), new moon! I love looking at the moon through a variety lens/filter combos but I also like having the regular new moon so I can observe more of the sky.

    I too saw Saturn through my new 'scope just last week. Makes it all worth while. One day I'll even set my EQ mount up properly and try tracking it better. I viewed through a 6mm and you get about 6 seconds before it's out of FOV. :)

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