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  1. Sorry MrsR , could you make one? what does one look like? and as others have said, make do and those lovely people at FLO with sort you out in a couple of days!
  2. lol....I to had the pirate patch, for the same reason. but, i had a left handed rifle, meant I had a bit more space on the range! actually , and in all seriousness I may try an eye patch while viewing, I imagine it would make focusing a bit easier
  3. may find this useful.. How to Determine Your Dominant Eye - wikiHow left eye , left hand, and left foot, right side of brain....Im a purist lol
  4. hmmmmm metal heads eh. have you tried drowning pool ? that said, metallica s&m whilst looking skyward has a certain je ne sais quoi
  5. I go out with my son,we stand and chat, enjoy the silence , and complain at how fast the sky is moving past us! I've just found a little 'scope so my 3yo daughter can join in too! we just enjoy looking up..
  6. this is a photo taken a focally on my phone and "fixed" with the phones picture editor...
  7. well... I thought id join in, seeing as I now have a case!
  8. rorschach


    various pics
  9. rorschach

    My first light! :)

    The Moon, viewed through my new Skywatcher Explorer 150p
  10. ....and withdraws finger from bid button! ta dude... besides I've spent far too much this month anyways! lol
  11. spot on! that's almost exactly what I saw right colour everything.
  12. that's cool, just out of interest , what is giving it its "star" like appearance? I noticed beetlejuice doing that the other day while all the other stars were pin sharp
  13. ....not to mention the first picture of a meter beyond the end of the universe!
  14. Adz, I wait to be corrected on this , but I'm sure they have worked out the projected mass of the universe, when the universe began, and how much its expanding by. by knowing these parameters, they can theorise on the size and shape of the universe. oh.... and I forgot, something like 80% of the known universe appeared in the first few nano seconds of it's existence....its a head bender indeed! as I say that's just my understanding, and I wait to be corrected by a much more learned person!
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