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  1. NB. Just looking at the mount. You might well struggle attaching an SLR to that. Adapt, over come and improvise until you're hooked! lol
  2. Hi 3663, Well let's start with a welcome to SGL. These fellas on here are blinding and despite them all being really clued up, they spend a lot of time in the beginners section for people like you and I. So you've come to the right place. As your link suggests, your telescope is a Maksutov type (which just defines the way it captures the light). The advantage you have is that it cost you nothing and you have 2 cameras which are capable of attaching to the scope. If you go to FLO (sponsors of the forum) and check out 'T-rings' and 'T mount adaptors', that is what you need to attach your cameras to your scope. The best way is to call them and ask. They're really helpful. If it doesn't work out, you'll still need those t-rings for using on a different scope. Let us know how you get on.
  3. Yeah, maybe the RDF isn't mounted fully. You might also be choosing an object too close to the scope. Even in this weather (cloud and rain) you could set it up to project onto a chimney top from your window and work on that. Then fine tune it the next time the moon is out.
  4. Luke, I think the problem as I understand it is that the T-Mount adapter pushes the camera even further from the maximum in focus. I tried using the T-Ring on its own screwed directly onto the viewer to get the camera body as close as I could but it still didn't work. I'm led to believe that I'd still need a barlow even with the SPC900.
  5. I'm Essex to the Royal Mail but, not Essex to most Essex residents. Some view it being more in the region of the 7th layer of hell...... with the exception that there's probably no cloud cover there due to the heat!
  6. Thanks Rowan. Just sounding off, you know. I was chuffed to bits with my little 'un getting stuck in. I think my problem is that having taken up the hobby in Jan and being plagued by cloud cover, I'm in too much of a hurry to get observing. I need to get into the habit of taking my time polar aligning and then I'm sure it'll drop into place. I checked the collimation today and it seemed good (from what I know) so I'm now doubting the 'cheap as chips' EPs that come with the scope. The thing for me is that I see such beauty that I want to capture it, and yet my scope is to unable to help because of the issues with getting photographic hardware to focus. I won't give up though, I doubt my 7 yr old will let me now!
  7. I've got cloud cover in the South East. I'm in Essex.
  8. Hi Gang, Not long been in from the garden with my relatively new acquisition (SW 130P, EQ2) and I'm starting to regret plumping for this wee beastie. I find myself battling with the EQ mount. Polar align is rough and so, ok, I expect to be onto a hiding to a certain extent. My reason for going for the above was because I could learn the ropes with EQ mounts and then bolt on some imaging hardware and a motor for some imaging. But no sooner was the purchase made than I discovered I wouldn't be able to get a dslr to focus and even a spc900 needs extention tubes apparently. Given this, will I be adding a motor to the EQ2.... erm no. I've come to the conclusion I'm an Alt/Azimuth kinda guy and the way you guys talk about Synscan picking out M42 and other such wonders makes me think that there is a much more fun side to Astronomy and it involves technology! Having vented my spleen, I do need to report one success.... My 7 year old is locating (RDF spotting), and picking and choosing her EPs, and enjoying Astronomy. So I think we can see where my 130P might end up going. Maybe it's just that transition when a parent loses the ability to program a video recorder. Thanks for listening.
  9. Hullabaloo, Don't feel silly. I thought the same but presume that the reticule prevented the laser going any further. Never knew it was an LED. But, having just come in and warmed up, I am currently considering changing to a finderscope because the red dot finder ruins my night vision. Especially when looking at fainter objects like Pleiades. I look though my RDF and by the time I think I'm on target I can barely make out a horizon! lol:o
  10. I would love to come but I can't make this one. I'm on nights shifts that weekend and have already used most of my annual leave on various commitments. Am I a bit new to it all to come to one of these? I would have happily volunteered my scope for some to perform a collimating workshop on!!! Maybe next year when I'm a bit more clued up.
  11. "Only takes one tree, to make a thousand matches Only takes one match, to burn a thousand trees.." I'm sure Kelly Jones was talking about exactly this kind of scenario!
  12. Yeah. Same for webcams. For either you'll probably end up needing a motor anyway.
  13. In a nutshell.. Yeah. Like anything Ian it's more about just how much of the Astrophotography cake you want to bite off. The 200p has a direct dslr connection.
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