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  1. Hiya....(I am working my way up to get access to the sales forum too - one post at a time)
  2. Hiya....Im thinking of buying Explorer 200p eith EQ5 goto mound Im also interested in making a roll-off roof observatory. I was just wandering what sort of dimentions I would need in the observatory (as I dont want it too large), to be able to accomodate the telescope without taking out a wall every time it slews past. Anyone got any experience with this sort of scope and the size of it when it moves? Cheers
  3. citaylor

    hello all

    hello....like the avatar
  4. I ordered a couple of cheap USB->Serial devices from ebay, and found that they consistantly dropped bytes under load - so I would agree - go for recommendations when buying peripherals like that.
  5. wow...an impressive present...Im 40 soon...do they fancy another whip-round ?
  6. welcome from an ex-midlander
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