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  1. I saw these and thought they looked smart....
  2. Except, one would hope, less saggyness (these days)
  3. Of course...you see, thats what I have to fight against every day. Not just the case that I have no logic, where a person may come to recognise that and ask other people for help, but having logic which simply always comes up with the wrong answer. Its tiring. Thanks.
  4. Ah...there goes my broken logic. I always assumed I should leave it pointing up, because warmer air carrying the moisture would travel upwards, and could escape...obviously not if there is lots of moisture...
  5. Wow....I'd swear the third image makes it look convex...
  6. In the words of Nelson.....Ha Ha! Numpty...
  7. I was well underway creating setting circles for my Dob when I came across the Astro-Fix Locator...It just arrived yesterday and I cant wait to give it a go...Im afraid the "gadgets" win every time :-D
  8. Hiya! Hope the purchase is delivered on time....nothing more frustrating...
  9. Hello! welcome...good luck!
  10. Well done....hope it doesnt take too long to arrive!
  11. You passed on the HEQ5 and went for the NEQ6 !!! Blimey and I thought I had a dilemma. My pay cheque certainly doesnt stretch that far What is the difference except for weight and price ? (BTW Good luck with your sexy new kit - Im jealous)
  12. Excellent...thanks for that. I intend (next pay packet) to get a (small as I can) roll-off roof shed and pier, so it sounds like thats the one to go for...time to ring FLO. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Hello....waiting for my pay packet to buy serious hardware too !
  14. Thats what I was afraid of....so my next question has got to be - can I buy any better scope/mount combo for my £933 than the 200P & HEQ5 SynScan ? Thx.
  15. Hello. I have been eyeing up a new scope for astrophotograhy. Ive already got a Cannon 400d and someone has lent me a neximage ccd. My dilema is whether to get the Explorer 200P with the EQ5 SynScan Goto or with the HEQ5 SynScan Goto. There seems to be exactly £300 difference. Now, Im not likely to put anything else on the scope, except the tube and the camera, so what would you guys suggest I get?...£300 quid is half as much again, but I dont want to start my astrophotography and find that my images are blurry because Ive sold myself short on the mount. Thanks a lot for any advice...
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