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  1. yep, my 130 is the motorised version, to be honest I havent even used the motor yet!
  2. Im thinking of upgrading my skywatcher explorer 130m to a skywatcher 200p Dob... the 130m is my first scope, and has done me well but I feel from looking at reviews that the Dob will be far better for ease of use
  3. Thank you very, very much for your help and advice umadog - much appreciated, now I know what needs to be done. It looks very daunting, please if anyone is in my local area (Teesside), and is willing to help me do this (would hate to make mistakes), I would be very grateful. My partner has bought me a new eyepiece for Christmas and the collimation tool, nothing would make me happier than to be able to have this set up ready for Christmas so I can get the best out of my scope, please pm me if your in my area and can help me. Dont mind paying / travelling locally for some help from someone who has done this before. Once I know the exact centre, I think I will be confident with collimation. Many thanks Candice
  4. Hello, please forgive me Im a complete noob! I now have a laser collimator and have started the process of collimation on my skywatcher explorer 130m, heres a link to the the youtube vid that I have been following : on there it explains that I need to align the laser with a black dot on the primary mirror... only problem is that mine doesnt have a dot , has anyone else successfully collimated a skywatcher 130 and please if anyone can advise me I'd be very grateful many thanks Candice ps: Im in the teesside area, is anyone else from round here that could offer any assistance?
  5. yep, the time has come to try to figure out collimation, will ask santa for a laser collimator for christmas! one on ebay for £29.99, or a cheshire one for £16...and looking at the tutorials on youtube hopefully I will be able to figure it out.
  6. Hi has anyone else had a problem with the controller? Regardless of wether I use battery pack, or transformer the controller just seems to cut out immediately. Its the one that came with my skywatcher explorer 130m telescope on a eq2 mount Any help would be very appreciated, as Im wanting to get to grips with using the motor Thanks , Candice
  7. thank you for the advice, makes sense for me to wait and get used to tracking objects so will look to upgrade my lenses from the ones supplied with the telescope, then move on to a webcam later. Can anyone advise me of what I should consider that would be a good upgrade from what I have (2x barlow lens 10mm & 25mm) ? thanks!
  8. Hi I have a skywatcher explorer 130m and also skywatcher heritage 76 mini dobsonian, Im very much a beginner but starting to get to grips with things, but have been incredibly pleased with views of Jupiter and the moon so far So... now Im thinking of getting a webcam (still havent tried the motor), what would people suggest? Im not sure if I should be spending money on upgrading my eye pieces as worried that the webcam may be a bit too technical for me? should it be something I look to purchase later as dont want it to be something I wont use if too difficult? Any advice would be much appreciated please, thank you
  9. I keep seeing people refer to this a a great book so I will be getting a copy
  10. How about a planetarium projector? a good idea for those cloudy nights we get so often!, various different ones and price ranges out there, Im even quite tempted to get one myself maybe....
  11. Thanks for the wikipedia link, that made interesting reading, Im new to astronomy and its fascinating....... something new each day to learn!
  12. Hope you get sorted, I am so glad I stumbled across this forum and discovered First Light Optics, great service advice and speedy delivery, those guys know what they are talking about and are glad to help. At the end of the day they supplied you with goods not as described and you should be able to demand a refund with no additional expense to yourself. The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 is there to prevent retailers from misleading consumers as to what they are spending their money on. Each product must be as described.
  13. Thanks so much for all your comments, you have made a newb feel welcome!, It sure is a friendly place @ tipper - high five back to you!! and yes, I cant wait to see the same things you mentioned no startgazing for me tonight , weathers grim and gale force winds
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