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  1. Has anyone tried any deep sky imaging with Micro Four Thirds cameras? Cheers Gary
  2. After reading the posts in here it couldn't have been the same thing but, it's certainly pretty strange that she saw something that made her come in to get me only to here these reports now.
  3. My missus saw this, she was outside having a sneaky ciggie, she came to get me and my camera, she thought it was a lantern or something. By the time I got outside it had gone :-( The reports I've seen have said across northern England but we're in the South West, but it was earlier than 9.40, maybe about 9ish.
  4. Yeah benjii, I've only used my scopefrom my garden so far. Street lights and security lights a plenty As for the nlo, I'll definitely have a look of getting up there at some point soon, that'll certainly give me aperture fever. No new scope for me for a good while yet though.:thumbdown:
  5. I'm in Paignton as well Benjii, like you say the light pollution is awful. Keep meaning to get up to Dartmoor but never got around to it. @ Laser jock-Prawle is quite a trek from Paignton, a good hour as it's not good roads that way, it's quicker to get to Dartmoor. Looking at that map there should be plenty of decent sites around the South Hams and Teignbridge areas, I might try to keep my eye out for some while I'm on my travels, I spend quite a bit of time around the South Hams for work.
  6. Well you've really confused me.....All I know is that when I look through my Oly bins they look alright to me
  7. Good stuff, same scope I have so its good to see what you can do with it. Just need to sort a webcam out....
  8. Are these the old (from 4/5 years ago) webcams? I'm sure I've got one knocking about somewhere.
  9. Yeah, that's it, averted vision. It took me by surprise a bit keep catching it in the corner of my eye. Haven't been able to get out since with my scope to see if I can find it in that now I know where it is.
  10. I'll third that, just got some this week and very impressed
  11. Nice, wish I could get an image loke that from my garden, all I get is street lights from the front and security lights from the back.
  12. Can anybody recommend a reasonable universal one? Thank you muchly
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