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  1. Killing many birds with one stone Easter, kids, catching up with friends and stargazing I have decided to hire a camper van and spend a few days touring Devon and Cornwall as well as catching up with some family friends at a camp site when they are down. This time also is the new moon cycle so keen to find the best Dark site sites to get some viewing in with the family as all keen to see with true dark skies (we live in central London!). The tricky bit is a have a nine year old with cerebral palsy he can walk but is very unsteady so can't be to adventurous with the location I also have a girl
  2. I would recommend astronomyknowhow.com classifieds if you know what you are looking for and confident buying second hand. I picked up all my gear for a third what it would go for on eBay. I paid a three digit number for gear in my sig. Generally found well known sites are a lot more pricey.
  3. Hi and welcome, frustrated here too, upgraded last week and not had chance to use yet
  4. What is best filter to buy then, anything that helps is good.
  5. What mods are you getting is it more than just firmware?
  6. I did my m.Sc in psychology with OU never thought about a course to support this hobby, of to have a look now, thanks for pointing out the obvious lol.
  7. Goos stuff, no tech advice here just genuine priase
  8. Any one aware of closest ds sight to south London?
  9. Ok first night out with new kit, managed to get to see m42 with nebula filter and could clearly see cloud structure, could not het web cam working even when on Jupiter so more reading required. Having a few alignment problems but suspect this is due to missing tripod leg spreader. Main thing si my nine year old was amazed with nebula.
  10. Just purchased this scope but seem to be missing this part! It is fairly unstable without it, does anyone know where I can get one, have tried a few of the better known shops and the importers bc&f but no joy, if any one has one for sale or could recommend an after sales solution I would be very grateful. Thanks Pat
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