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  1. Surprised at the amount of negative response here. This thread is much more doom and gloom than the show. I personally enjoyed the program and will be watching again next week.
  2. Had great service from this retailer. A few days ago I placed a order with them and had not heard from them. So today I sent a email enquiry about the order. They replied very quickly in less than half hour. They informed me that the item was out of stock, so they would upgrade me to a more expensive item, but at no extra cost .
  3. Thanks for the reply. Where abouts in the sky should I look for it ? Sorry for the newbie questions
  4. If it is clear on sat evening. How is the best way to view it ? Also I will be at work. Will it be visible with naked eye or some 10x50 binos ?
  5. You can read Tuesdays article here The Universe unravelled: How human life was created | The Sun |Features
  6. Starts a series of articles in the sun tomorrow (21-02-11)
  7. Why not get your own weather station? They are pretty cheap / inexpensive to install and give a good indicator as to what the weather is likely to be doing. There is free supported software to go with them. Check the link in my signature as a example.
  8. Hi I was wondering if there are any recommended tutorials for using registax ? I basically have a load of lunar photos and wanted to see if I can improve the results. Also is it possible to make a moon mosaic in registax or would I be better off using photoshop ?
  9. Cheers for all your replys. you have certainly given me some inspiration and a good list of objects to have a go at
  10. I guess both trophy sights and fav objects. That is simply mind blowing
  11. What is the most impressive thing you have ever scoped ? Being a newbie I am really interested.
  12. Taking advantage of good clear skies. Earlier on this evening I managed to use a 9mm with a x2 barlow which gave me a surprisingly crisp clear view of Jupiter. I did not think a 6mm would be any good for my scope , but am now considering getting one. Which would people recommend as the better eye piece, Either. TMB 6mm planetary (Type II) 1.25" eyepiece Or Vixen NPL 6mm eyepiece or another similarly priced EP ?
  13. Snap I also just took my first moon picture tonight. I used a basic digiscoping bracket to hold my compact camera up to the lens.
  14. Reasonably happy with my first attempt. A bit more practice should give some better results
  15. Just water it into the ground no one will ever know
  16. I was thinking more of webcam, As I don't have a dslr , or likely to have the cash any time soon .
  17. Ok thanks . I think I will avoid them for now then
  18. Is there a similar thread for iphone apps any where ?
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