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  1. Well, I had another couple of hours free of cloud to play tonight and tried out the extension ring with and without the eyecup up. No problems achieving a steady eye position with either, although I preferred it with eyecup up from the point of view of blocking out extraneous light. What it also showed is what easy, relaxing EPs the Morpheus are to spend time looking through. I spent over an hour on the Leo Triplet first through the 17.5 and then the 12.5 probably only removed my eye from either eyepieces a couple of times. Considering what I have spent before, I'm very happy with these little EPs. I have an ES82 24mm arriving as a bit more of a finder EP, so it will be interesting to see how my somewhat distant memories of that line stack up in comparison. Russ
  2. You should sit in that chair and pretend you're Kate Bush Cloudbusting! Russ
  3. Which water butt stand is that on the bottom? Russ PS. that barely qualifies as a 200p anymore!
  4. It came with it. I was expecting and would rather have had the red dot. Flimsy it may be, but the 6x30 is plastic (quite clear though) but back breaking to use! Russ
  5. @johninderbySome questions if I may? Which length Bob's Knobs are they - 35mm? I assume it's the tiny grub screws on the focuser base that allow the focuser to rotate? Did you do anything to ease the action of the base? Russ
  6. Like so many things since I was last passing through these here parts, things have moved on. The trusty SW 200p is still the king of cheap views, but the Bresser makes an exceedingly strong argument for spending a bit more to get a properly equipped and finished scope. It simply feels and operates a lot more expensive than the price difference would suggest. Of course, that does not mean I won't tweek it a bit, but my expectations and wants are very different this time around. Serious amounts of road cycling has joined hi-fi as my joint money-pit, so astronomy expenditure will be focused on value for money rather than doubling budget to chase an extra percent. 8-10" Dobs fit that bill and based on previous experience the extra £100 (is it even that?) for proper bearings, tube rings to help with balance and a very good standard focuser is money worth spending. When I was last about you almost needed to spend double £100 to get shot of that bloody awful SW focuser and now scopes come with this?!?! Russ
  7. Actually, a first light for everything. After a 3 year lay off for one reason or another, my 8" Messier Dob and a brace of Morpheus turned up this morning. First impressions? I would perhaps prefer a millimetre or two of extra depth on the eyecup to assist in keeping eye position constant, but even then it wasn't exact;y an issue. I've struggled with long ER EPs in the past. I did not enjoy my Delos despite them having the eyecup to end all eyecups. Even with that assistance, I felt like I was treading a very fine line between losing view of the field stop and kidney beaning. I spent more time concentrating on using them than relaxing to look through them. Of course, other's mileage varied greatly in this respect and although I wear glasses, I do not need them to view. The Morpheus are bang on for me and from memory the 78deg AFoV (much like my old ES82s) is a very natural viewing experience. I had the Maxvision SWAs and other 68/70deg EPs and found it adequate. I adored my ES100s for many reasons, but mainly because they removed the field stop and what happens near it right out of view; it was just a limitless pool of stars and I also had no trouble with eye position with them. Very relaxing. The Morpheus, on first acquaintance seem to offer ample AFoV, an easy relationship with eye position, are happy in an F6 Newt (as should any EP be) seem to be very colour neutral and do it at a price I would not have believed when I last swam in this pond. I simultaneously overjoyed at the value progress has finally delivered and slightly miffed at the money I spent before. I look forward to spending more time on the lawn with them and hope that the inevitable APM UFF 30mm that seems likely next month delivers on the internet hype like the Morpheus have. Russ
  8. I can't complain. Both it and a pair of Morpheus turned up by 10am this morning, out on the lawn early evening to cool and a quick collimation check. Not much wrong there, so returned after 9pm for first light. Venus a crisp little crescent, then revelled in some moon for the rest of the evening. May add a knob or handle as per John above, because by the time I've added a camping mat dew shield, it's nice to have something to tug it around with.
  9. Yep! Tactical astronomer look is possibly a bit extreme for this side of The Pound though. Russ
  10. Wear them round your chest gun-slinger style. The warmth may keep them from misting up. No? I'll get me coat... Russ
  11. 14mm. You decide which one fits your budget. Russ
  12. I'm not one to procrastinate. After a quick play with the FoV calculator, I ordered the Bresser Messier 8" Dobsonian and Morpheus 12.5 & 17.5mm EPs. In concert with the ES Tele Extender, that's magnifications of 70, 97, 139 & 195x - A good coverage. the TFoV of the 17.mm is slightly larger than the supplied 25mm Plossl, so that has no reason to leave the box. I could see an OVL Panaview 26mm joining shortly, just for the 50x wide field/finder view and with the scope being F6 the humble Erfle won't be exposed, They also have a nice big ocular lens and a good twist up eyecup. 20mm eye relief is almost too much for me, but at £69 I may forgive it.
  13. The more I look at the Baader Morpheus, the more they appeal and that in part is due to the dual 1.25"/2" barrels. On the face of it, it means I can bolt my ES 1.25" 2x Tele-extender into a self-centering adaptor and forego faffing with switching formats. With two (maybe three) EPs and the ES T-E I'm covered. That said, thoughts like this have been scotched in the past by R&P focusers that lack the travel to cope with the length of something additional in the focuser-EP chain. We'll see. What does worry me having had some TV Delos is the long ER. I did NOT get on with Delos as I found eye position fussy in terms of kidney beaning/blackouts, despite spending an enormous amount of time faffing with the admittedly huge range of eye-cup positions. I seem (historically) to get on with ER in the 12-15mm range and Morpheus is definitely in Delos territory. I note that the @BillP review mentions the Morpheus being particularly un-fussy in this respect, but I would be interested to hear from Bill or Morpheus users in this regard. Russell
  14. This, but not the tiny FL EPs. I can remember one (stunning) night when views of >200x views were worth it and I had a TV 3-6mm Zoom. There's one I should have kept... One night. Not spending money on an EP for that and certainly not a brace or more! Russ
  15. I had the ES100 9, 14 & 20mm at the same time as a 12" ES Dob and Meade 8" LX200 SCT. I Loved them. I loved that walk in view. I loved the neutrality of colour. I loved that people missed the point about seeing the field stop; the whole point was that you don't need to. I loved that not having to see the field stop meant not obsessing about colourful stars at the EoF, because who the hell wants to view stuff at the field stop anyway? I loved that switching between them didn't mean having to switch adaptors or rebalance the scope. Scratched that itch and not going there again. 100deg is too expensive, but glad I did it. Russ
  16. Okay, I'm suspecting the Morpheus may have happened whilst I was AWOL. They appear to tick many boxes. Shame they don't do a 25mm. Russell
  17. Don't be sorry, I've never been happier. Russ
  18. Having walked (unwillingly) away from astronomy about three years ago (divorce etc, etc, but that was willingly!) I find myself ready to re-enter the fold. I'm not going to go mad this time. I had 12" Dobs (x2) a 5" achro frac, 80mm EDs (x2), 8" Newts (x2) and an 8" SCT. I went from Possls to BST Starguiders, through ES82s, Maxvision/Meade SWAs, Delos and eventually a suite of ES100s, not to mention an Ortho and Plossl (again!) binoviewer diversions along the way! What enforced abstinence has allowed me to evaluate more objectively, is what actually really worked; what really got used and as such was the best value in terms of time spent in use. Dobs did, so that argument is over, as is the fact that the 8" scopes coped with UK seeing better more often than 12" ones. F6 is easier on EPs than F5 and given that the SW 200p Dob looks somewhat parlous in bearing specification, the Bresser 8" Dobsonian will soon be inbound. It will also travel between Cambridgeshire and my house in rural Normandy* (divorce can pay off!) where the skies are darker than a Norfolk Star Party in a way that something larger can't. Coincidentally I cannot, during these strange times, predict when a visit to either can next happen... EPs? There does appear to have been a fair bit of development in the arena since I last visited and this time, I do not want an EP for every eventuality. A Panaview 32mm will fill the role of finder EP well enough. I had one in the early days and it was better than it is given credit for. I also had an ES82 30mm and it was awesome, but what an expensive, unbalancing lump for just finding stuff. I kept my ES 1.25" 2x Tele Extender (and a good Cheshire) as it was practically invisible in use and I figured this day may come. I was figuring that I may re-buy a second hand pair of ES82 8.8 & 14mm and Maxvision 24mm SWA (where'd they all go?) as when multiplied x2 they cover every conceivable 1.25" use. Then I saw stuff like OVL Nirvana at a fraction of the price I used to associate with SW Nirvana. What the hell is going on?!?! What have I missed and what should I be considering these days? Russ *I know it sounds grandios but honestly, it cost less than a decent static caravan on a decent site on the Norfolk coast and the wine is better and cheaper. Anyway, by the time the ex had the shirt off my back, I couldn't afford a house in the UK!
  19. Well, I asked around and had phone/email convos with a couple of dealers. Stock is obviously a problem with OVL closed, but the Helios Stellar II 20x80 seemed to be the best balance of price, performance and weight. I would of sprung for the Apollos but I couldn't really find any content to suggest it was worth it, even if you accept the law of diminishing returns that we all too readily do. Some of the money saved is already diverted to a trigger-grip ball head, dew shields and I'm still quids in. Result. Russ
  20. Smashing. I wouldn't want you to run out of stock choice! Gotan itchy debit card here. Where? Divorced the wife, but interim arrangements lacked a garden. Once that was sorted, the new 'we' got a house with a garden and a house in avery dark part of Normandy. The latter may sound a bit grand, but it cost less than a caravan on a decent plot on the Norfolk coast. Of course, it's out of bounds at the moment.... Russ
  21. @FLOAre you answering emails? I sent in an enquiry about Helios observation binos this morning. Russ
  22. Hi, long time no see! Long story short; got divorced and sold scopes (12" Dob, 127mm frac, ED80, ES100 eps, mounts, etc) due to lack of space or garden. The new 'we' now have a village edge house on the Fen Edge and a very rural, very dark (darker than Kelling, at least) house in rural Normandy. Fiscal commitments have me running scared of going scope again (at least for now) because I know what I'm like and I need money for stuff like staircases, pointing, patios, etc. So I'd like something that allows me half decent views of fuzzies, will at least pick out the moons of Jupiter and can be slung in the back of a car and taken away for the weekend, without taking up too much load space, which brings me to binos. Assuming a top end budget of £400 and that I have a decent Manfrotto tripod what is recommended? Celestron and Helios 20 or 25x80ish have caught my eye, but with the memory of pin-prick precise stars of the ED80 and Baader Orthos, are binos at this price going to send me running screaming? Then I see things like the Bresser 6" Newt/Dob and think that with a brace of well chosen plossls and the ES Tele-extender that I kept, I'm getting a more versatile tool for similar money and not much more room taken up now I can leave a tripod at home... Help! Russ
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