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  1. I have a 7d which i piggy back using a JOBO Gorilla GRIP, Zip tied onto my Nexstar 8i on CG5 Goto. Seems ok.
  2. Finally got a chance to use me new scope with the zoom. Must say it doesnt do it for me. You end up knock everything whilst trying to zoom.
  3. Welcome SGL is really good. Everyone is really helpful. Been ace for me
  4. I have been here for a couple of months and everyone is really helpful
  5. scouse123

    newish newbie

    And welcome. - Everybody is really helpful
  6. Yeah defo mate. Very envious. good look with it
  7. Hiya mate. Newbie myself. everybody is really cool here and can help loads
  8. warm = bad viewing cold = good in this country anyway - sods law
  9. Try to get a second hand goto. I found them good to start off with.
  10. I bought the Celestron Eye piece kit. Costs 130 from ebay or sherwoods
  11. Wanted it. But the wife would have killed me. Good luck with it. Looks ace. I think you should mount it permanently on the land rover.
  12. Also would a great than x2 barlow be of any benefit cheers
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