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  1. Thanks for your comments Umadog, I'll be looking out for an eight inch dob. Jimmy.
  2. James, I fancy imaging at some stage in the future, I have considered something like a second hand ED80. Like to view/image nebula I don't know if I would need a newt to view the dimmer objects. By the way does your tractor not have a cab? Jimmy
  3. Umadog, Thanks for that info, its given me plenty to digest. Jimmy
  4. Ags, Yes on a good night I can see Ursa Minor, I wonder if I sometimes confuse LP with poor seeing conditions. Thanks. Jimmy
  5. Thanks James, I have looked at some of the web maps of my area although they are not very detailed (10miles East South East of Lincoln). I suspect local variations may have an effect ie:shading by woodland from a local source of LP. I was wondering as a guide to the suitability of a particular type of scope. Thanks Jimmy.
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if there is an established formula for assessing light pollution in any given area ie: distances from cities, towns, and villages. Jimmy
  7. Hi Newbie also in Lincs 10 miles South East Jimmy.
  8. Hi everyone Curious to know if any other dslr's are of any use for astro-imaging other than Canon, I currently have a Samsung GX 10 and am considering it's future. Does any one know if it can be modded and/or hooked up to a laptop for control? Thanks
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