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  1. Here's my first effort at lunar snapping... Mars was disappointingly overexposed, I suspect... mars.bmp
  2. Welcome Steve - it's good to see 2 more astronomers from Wrexham! I join up with another guy off here, Faulksy, to go up to Horseshoe Pass for some darker skies, occasionally. There are several from Wrexham on this esteemed forum. It's time to form a Society!
  3. Thanks for all the help - I finally bit the bullet and squished 'em! Had a lot of fun last night but the only object I could see through the cam, using sharpcap, was the moon. How do I adjust the sensitivity to make imaging the planets a possibility?
  4. I'm trying to build up the confidence to squish the leds! Can't paint them as I don't have any paint. Got a toothpick or needle ready - will they do the job? Or do I leave them and put up with a little extraneous noise?
  5. Thanks so much Peter. Just one more question... How does the adapter attach to the webcam? Cheers Andy
  6. I've just bought an xbox webcam for 3.95 from the bay. It needs a little modification but the pictures others are putting on the xbox thread in diy astronomy, look pretty good. At that price it has to be worth a go! Good luck.
  7. I've got my xbox cam and I've read the whole thread but I'm now more confused than when I started! The photos at the very start make it seem like a piece of cake but it quickly turns into a gateaux... 1. Is it best to leave the webcam lens in or remove it? 2. Should I remove the ir filter or leave it in? 3. Do I need to destroy the leds, paint over them or leave them alone? 4. Do I need to purchase an adaptor or use a piece of tubing to fit it to the scope? Excuse my ignorance! Andy
  8. Been on the news apparantly - seen over Warrington. I live in Wrexham and missed it. Damn!
  9. Grab it while you can eh? Congratulations on a great first night - dslr pics too, you must be a whiz at this game! Clear skies - it sounds like you'll be making the most of them! Andy
  10. It's not Chris Huhn's missus is it?
  11. Darkmatter, put your kit in your sig, we're all nosey!
  12. £300 and looks quite tidy Orion Optics 10" reflector telescope in Swindon | Collectables for Sale | Gumtree.com Andy Should have added it's not mine!
  13. Faulksy, how's it looking for tonight? Andy Anyone else fancy a trip up to horseshoe pass pm me.
  14. Hey Faulksy, we've found a possible 3rd member of the Wrexham Astro club! Barf, let us know if you want to join us on a trip into the mountains. Andy
  15. Just write an app that enables me to put my phone in a scope mounted bracket. Then I just want it to show exactly what I'm looking at through whatever lens I tell it I'm using. Then i want it to show me how I need to adjust the scope to put target front and centre. Do that and I'll pay a tenner for it!
  16. Really interesting thread chaps - I've learned a lot. Thanks very much.
  17. After seeing Saturn and Jupiter through my scope, a mate is looking to buy a cheap scope for use in light-sodden east London. What about a TAL1? There's one on ebay at £80 with some accessories. What do you think?
  18. Thanks very much to all who responded. I really appreciate the help. The knob appears to be push fit with a very thin and small, loose metal 'sleeve' that sits inside. It pushes on to a metal screw sticking out from the mount.
  19. Thanks for the tips - much appreciated. Does anyone know whether the dec knob on an eq5 is M6 or M8?
  20. a new knob? It's for the manual dec adjustment on my eq5 mount. Or should I go for one of those bendy attachments?
  21. Really enjoyed being out with Faulksy (Mike) for his First Light with such a damn fantastic machine! It was the first time we'd met and I was extremely apprehensive pulling up alongside him in the pitch black car park, whispering "are you Mike?" and praying I wasn't about to be arrested! I'd already driven alongside another car at the far end of the car park and interrupted a couple of very er... vigorous young lovers! I was amazed by the room they had in a Corsa... Anyway, back to Mike's First Light. I was really impressed by how absolutely rock-solid the CPC925 was on it's mount and tripod. Not a quiver! It made my 10" newt on a pedestal look like it was mounted on a bowl of jelly. The Goto worked like a dream until the batteries played up and it found M13 in seconds, placing it smack in the middle of his 2" Burgess 38mm ep. It looked glorious in that! As did M31 - easily the best I've ever seen it. (I've got 10 and 25mm 1.25" ep's) I hadn't realised until last night how much better DSOs look in a wider FOV than 25mm. And of course, 2" helps! So my shopping list now looks like this... a range of 2" ep's, a new mount and tripod, a laser pointer (invaluable last night and good fun when it clouds over...), a torch you wear on your head (makes you look like a proper astronomer as well as enabling you to keep your hands in your pockets as the temperature drops!) Goto is a luxury item that I'll add to the list once I've found everything manually at least once! I'm lying of course - my wife's already told me I can't afford it.:rolleyes: Thanks again, Mike. I'm really looking forward to doing it again soon. When does M42 reappear?
  22. I'm really new to all this and absolutely no expert but here's my experience... I've spent a long time looking at Saturn through a 10mm ep since getting my 250 scope and loved very second of it. Barlowed x2 (=5mm ep), it's blurry and indistinct but definitely bigger. I'm saving up for a 7 or 8mm ep of decent quality to make it look as good as the 10mm but bigger. **** advice, I know but it's just my experience!
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