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  1. Very impressive works, welcome to SGL and clear skies
  2. I bought an EQ mounted netownian as a complete novice and I have to say I seriously question anyone that says with any significant magnification they could manually move a DOB to track something. It's hard enough with the controls on an EQ mount...
  3. So dear moderators, does someone administering SGL have to enable acces once you rach your 50 posts? My profile now says 51 but for sale section is still empty for me... Thanks in advance
  4. Yep I'm on this too, still finding my way. Looks liek scope needed serious collimation based on recent alignment by a soc. friend with a laser.... Hoping for better views next time I get the scope out
  5. Really impressive, you were tracking Manually or with motor? I hvae a 150P, only recently. Very inspiring if this is what it is capable of...
  6. You ever run a Messier marathon? Our Society is plannig one for early April. We are a little too far north to see everything but still a big challenge.
  7. Obeyone welcome to SGL, scope selection is daunting. Got any Astro Socs near either of your locations? Clear Skies and good luck.
  8. I like the handle, welcome to SGL. Just lovin Paxo's avatar! Clear Skies
  9. Welcome to SGL Anna, I'm sure you'll get lots of clear skies in Suffolk. And welcome to the UK.
  10. Warm welcome to you on SGL, you'll find lots of really useful posts on this site. Clear Skies.
  11. Welcome to SGL and thanks for a great introductory posting.
  12. Welcome to SGL Russ, Happy stargazing and clear skies.
  13. Sounds like some decent kit, clear skies and don't drink too much guinness!
  14. Welcome to SGL, I'm in San Fran at the moment, terrible viewing conditions here, looking forward to relatively clear skies back home.
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