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  1. I'm new at this and have just got a Skywatcher Explorer 130P. I understand it should be left outside to cool down. How long should I leave it before using it?
  2. Know how you feel, used to play golf, now replaced with geocaching and astronomy. As you say all influenced by the weather. Got my first scope last week, built it, not used yet because of weather.
  3. Not even just cloud here in Ayrshire, it's raining too. Going by the forcast it could be next weekend before a clear spell. Cloud, rain and snow forecast.
  4. I made a big mistake last night, went for Chinese carry-out. On the way home, the sky cleared enough to see Jupiter ( I think) and some stars. By the time I got home and out of car, 100% cloud for rest of night. Do they give refunds on never used new scopes?
  5. Not being a football fan, I have to say Jupiter.
  6. I have a wildfire, do I download these files to my pc and then to the phone?
  7. Looked good here in Ayrshire till after lunch. Then clouds from all directions. Bah humbug.
  8. I'll be the bad guy this time. Somebody else can take the blame for tonight if it happens.
  9. If someone has to take the blame, it may as well be me. Leaves everyone in the clear (sorry). Blame the boy:clouds1:
  10. Same here in Ayrshire, New scope delivered today set it up while sun shone. As the sun set, the clouds appeared. Still cloudy.
  11. My scope, Skywatcher explorer 130p arrived today. I think I set it up correctly. Clear sky all day and guess what? Now a clouded sky. Sods law. This may be a silly question but how do you transport it? Is there special carriers etc to protect it?
  12. Already downloaded Stellarium. Need something to give me an idea what I am looking at. Looking forward to Spring when I can take it to Galloway where I have a caravan and no street lighting.
  13. Took the plunge after watching the BBC progs., and ordered a Skywatcher Explorer 130P which arrives tomorrow. Hopefully a clear sky tomorrow evening, provided I can set it up correctly. Might even get the grandchildren interested.
  14. Yes, did some years ago but very basic. Now starting from scratch
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