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  1. thats incredible i've got to give star trails a good try now
  2. jesus im still yet to have a go at stacking im waiting until i go out into the middle of the countryside so theres no/less light polution 2000 is a lot, i thought when i give it a try i'd do about 20 or 30 and that would be enough how did your picture turn out?
  3. thanks guys for star trails is it better to do a stacked image or could you get away with a really long shutter with a fisheye?
  4. i have a Nikon D60 and the lens is an 'AF fisheye nikkor 10.5mm' all my other shots came out with an either really brown or grainy sky or the house would seem far too bright. was just asking for tips becuase i was just playing around and didnt record my settings which i should have done. so i know its possible to get nice pictures with that lens but i cant remember how
  5. i think it was but it was quite far off to the left of the picture. i dont know if that would still effect it of not
  6. hi brantuk that looks pretty good, dunno if i could afford that much right now. ive seen this on ebay Skywatcher eq-3 on eBay (end time 29-Jan-11 14:00:02 GMT) would that be good for the job? and is that a reasonable price for one?
  7. for now i just have a nikon D60 with a fisheye, 18-55mm, and a 70-300mm and im planning on buying a scope soon but after ive bought one of these. thanks for the help
  8. it really supprised me when i saw it cause it was 11pm and totally black sky its probably not that special but ive never took a photo like that and got a nice blue sky
  9. hi everyone im looking to buy a motorised tripod thing (im not sure what they're actually called, the things that make you not get star trails) what would be best to get? i dont have a lot to spend but wiuld like to know which ones would be cheap but also good any help would be great
  10. hi guys now ive got a tripod and and remote finally, ive been trying out different things with different lenses. attached is a shot i took with my fisheye from just in my garden which i thought turned out alright but the rest of my shots didnt turn out too good does anyone have any tips for fisheye images or is it better to stick to regular lenses?
  11. i dont have any softwear yet. i have photoshop but is there any better programs than that for photos like these? would doing the 10 photo sequence be worthwhile? i dont have enough zoom on my camera to see any detail on the moon or anything. im only able to do wide shots for the moment until i can find a new zoom lens but im not sure what would be best yet
  12. thanks guys ill be sure to get the 'Nikon D60 Digital Field Guide' and have a lot of practice with different modes. didnt realize i got jupiter in there too, where abouts on the picture is it? i knew it was visible right now but didnt know where, i was just pointing at random points in the sky and seeing what i got.
  13. just had my first play about at shooting to sky from my roof. theres a lot of light polution as im on the middle of sheffield but i noticed slightly left and a bit higher then the moon is a blue glow. anyone know what it is? does anybody have any tips on how to make the images better or anything? i didnt take note of what settings i used cause i was just trying out different things to see what i could capture so i dont know what i had it on for this. thanks for all the help above too, i can tell im going to enjoy continuing photographing the night sky
  14. sorry for replying 3 times in a row but ive just seen something about attaching my camera too a telescope. what are the best ways to attach i camera to a telescope and is it possible to do it with the Nikon D60 (telescope adapters and such)
  15. i doubt this is going to help in anyway but i have a 'AF FISHEYE NIKKOR 10.5MM 1:.8 G' too. i doubt this will be good in anyway as its a fisheye. also am i being stupid in asking is it possible to add a lens onto the end of the lens i have now to improve zoom? im no camera pro but i thought i'd ask thanks for all the welcome messages too
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