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  1. Yes you could use Adobe after effects. Loads of ways you could try to do it in after effects, but basically import your photoshop 3d mesh to after effects and create a 3D camera layer so you can move around your picture and scale to and from the picture to give the look of flying through space. Then i would edit the movie in Final cut or iMovie because the compression isn't that great on after effects. You don't want a 1gb file for a 10 second video. Just looked on youtube is this the sort of thing your talking about
  2. @Mike Hackenbacker your Youtube channel is brilliant, i never knew how detailed either Flight or HGV sims are.
  3. Do you get jet lag after being on that setup for hours?
  4. Yes only thing you have to watch out for is a SPLASH landing:)
  5. Just tried it out i blew the tyres first time second time done, i remember trying to play things like this 10 years ago on a heap of a computer its amazing that we play this sort of thing on a small phone.
  6. Cool just downloading it for 69p you cant go wrong surely
  7. Your right that looks Superb must get this sorted out for Forza 4
  8. Your right nothing Beats more than 1 screen for editing. 27" iMac and 21" Dell monitor
  9. Any photo of saturn is good enough, from the distance we are its amazing the pictures people post on here.
  10. I havent seen mars yet i've had March 2012 in my calendar since i started in January.
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