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  1. simply stunning, i cant wait to get images like this. well done mate
  2. what a night, after doing a bit of research, buying a batanova mask for my scope i stil could not get focus, so i downloaded astrophotography tool, worked like a charm. The only problem is a forgot to change the settings from jpeg to raw after focusing the camera so i have waisted a whole night taking blood jpegs a total of 25 at iso 800, 25 at 1600 all 60 second exposures along with 10 bias, 10 darks and 10 flats. Anyway compaired to my last attempt i'm well chuffed even though i took jpegs. the first image was taken on 21/01/12 and the second taken tonight.
  3. you could give Download Digital Photo Software - Edit, Rename, Transfer, Load Images and Create Web Page Galleries a try, scroll down to DSLR remote pro (third one down). you will need a laptop connected to camera using the usb lead to download files from camera to laptop. Ensure you set the camera settings to pc connection not print/ptp or the software wont let you take a pic. Then just keep adjusting the focus take another pic until you get the correct focus you want. The only downside to this is it is a 15 day trial .
  4. Cheers mate but was looking for something closer to home (uk)
  5. Hi guys, Im after a set of guide scope rings (cheap referably) the rings that came with the scope are not adjustable for guiding, simply bolt straight on top of OTA the scope is 90mm wide however i will need something from 100mm that can downsize to 90mm as the widest part of the scope is 100mm so the rings will have to go over this first. i have found a few but they are in the region of £80 wich is a bit excesive. can anyone point me in the right direction for a cheaper set?
  6. thankyou so much Quatermass for the writup, being as the sky here in Northern Ireland will be overcast to say the least will give me a chance to do some dark and bias shots for later when the clouds clear, i'm also going to watch you vids in your blog. cheers mate
  7. thats probably where i'm going wrong, many thanks. Bet your well chuffed with the m42 pic though mate
  8. did you use any barlow or camera straight to scope? I was going to send my 350d to get modded but after seing this i dont think i'll bother just yet. well done mate great pics. Can't wait for another clear night now.
  9. can't wait to get images this good. did you use a barlow? How did you manage to get an iso of 3200, i thought that camera only went up to 1600?
  10. got a Bhatinov mask mate but dont seem to work with my lxd75 n-6at and camera, Probably just me lol. I tried 30 second exposures but only at 200 iso and that didn't show anything then i tried 180 second exposures and the pic you see above is what i got so i'll try higher iso next time. cheers mate.
  11. first attempt at DSI 1x pic taken through my lxd75 n-6at and canon eos 350d unmodded camera with 2x barlow then cs2. blurrey as hell but pretty chuffed for my very first attempt. 180second iso-200 Any pointer welcomed!!! i just cant seem to get anything in focus with this camera as it does not have live view
  12. sounds like your worm drve might need adjusting a touch or could simply be a case of moving the clutch lever a little so it tightens the clutch before it runs out of room to tighten fully. i had this on my lxd75 mount, only takes 20mins to sort out both.
  13. I know this is a little late but i have just adjusted my rings on the lxd75 mount. To accurately polar align the mount with the North Celestial Pole the polar viewfinder has to be in perfect alignment with the RA shaft. if you have done this correctly, whatever you look at through the polar scope will stay within the little circle and not alter position when you unlock the RA shaft and move it. If the object moves when you rotate the RA shaft then you need to adjust the three little grub screws on the polar viewfinder. In order to obtain good pointing accuracy during tracking and Goto operations, the OTA needs to be physically aligned in parallel with the RA axis. Also the Dec axis needs to be calibrated with the Dec setting circle. If you need help with this P.M me and i'll happily explain.
  14. bought mine from Telescope House the UK No.1 for Telescopes and Binoculars since 1785 it was expensive though, i think it was about £90
  15. Take hold of the counter weight bar and gently work the axis in both directions, if everything is perfectly tight & there are no backlash or end play issues the axis will not move. You shouldn't be pushing or pulling so hard on the axis via the counter weight bar you can move it against the clutches, just enough pressure to determine if there is any looseness or play in the axis. If you cannot get your clutches to tighten down enough to resist some light pressure against the axis without slipping we are going to need to fix that now. This is a simple fix, there is a Phillips head screw in the top of each black clutch lever, remove it pull the clutch lever off & reposition it so you can get the clutch tight enough on the axis to resist the light pressure needed to check the worm gears. Put the Phillips head screw back in the clutch handle head and secure it, your done with that! For further tightening see link below LXD75_Maintenance_101
  16. I had this problem not so long ago and found a very simple solution to my problem. Use (stellarium) if unfamiliar with your viewable sky. point your scope using a slow slew this will be alot quieter than goto in the rough vacinity. TRhen goto the object. 1-5 seconds of noisy goto max.
  17. canon 350d - then t-piece then 2x barlow had to faff around with the focus as this cam don't come with live vew but got one or two pics worth aving sorry new to this
  18. My first attempt at pacture taking I had taken quite a few pics but this was the only one that came out in focus. Pic taken with a 350d with 2x barlow through LXD75 6" newt
  19. looks ace mate, hope you get to use it soon.
  20. would love this on those cold nights, great project. You have me thinking now!
  21. just need a good crosshair eyepiece now as the view finder has quite a large field of view.
  22. I know its a different mount but the same rules apply here. hope this explains it better for you. BackyardAstro Blog Archive Using the LXD55 Polar Finder Scope for Polar Alignment
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