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  1. OK Thanks guys, I'll look for the auto save option. The reason I synced on a DSO is that Maxim allows you to load in a previous image and then sync to the image. But I shall remember that for when I'm not imaging.
  2. On Sunday night I set up my scope, slewed to Mars and centered it and then synced, the software showed 1 in the box. I then slewed to my image choice M101 centered this as it was a tad off and synced again, now 2 in the box. My scope was a happy bunny with a nice guiding graph (everything less than +/- 0.5 of a pixel, which I hope is good). I then parked the scope and left everything out ready for last night, so I powered up and slewed to Mars again but it was out and upon checking EQMOD the sync data was missing. So does EQMOD store the data or do I have to save it? And as an aside is using Mars a good idea? I chose it because it's close to M101 and bright early on so I can get set up without waiting for other starts to appear.
  3. Still says out of stock on the site, have you a confirmed date for delivery
  4. Any idea when you might have the HEQ5 version in stock Steve
  5. The reprocessed one is excellent Dave, but I'm not sure about the Ha version, the running man looks like he's done a runner.
  6. Didn't realise I had track logging set until now and it looks like it did throw a wobbler. I can now blame the software and not me. track log.txt
  7. Impressive from last night, with nice clear tadpoles. Kicked the dog out to water a tree and noticed it was clearing, stepped further out and thought that's far too windy, went straight back to catching up with Game of Thrones
  8. Well that's a damn fine advert for Olly's place, very nice indeed.
  9. Thanks Carole, perhaps it was the cable as my velcro had come off the dovetail and so where hanging loose. Cheers Carl, it was the GT81 as I can't get the balance right for long subs on the TS, it needs an extra weight or a counter weight extension shaft.
  10. I know the feeling all too well. I think you've made a great start there and can't wait to see the finished image.
  11. No I wasn't dithering, I'll just put it down to a glitch and hope it doesn't do it again. Re the crop, I might try getting the flame in another frame and joining the two together... Perhaps! Yes it needs more data, I'll try to keep at it. Thanks all
  12. These are the weird tadpole things, what causes them anyone know?
  13. Cheers Andy. Hoping to add more HA and then colour at a later date.
  14. My first bash in HA last night. Only managed 6 @ 900secs but had to bin the first due to some weird tadpole shaped stars and the last due to cloud rolling in. No darks/flats just bias. Perhaps I should have rotated the camera round a bit to get more of the flame in.
  15. Excellent stuff, good job on the re-work, much more definition now.
  16. Excellent Mel, it has an almost 3D feel to it.
  17. Hi Sara Why don't you use Maxim. Load up an image that you've taken and want to go back to, then use pinpoint to find where it is in the sky, once it's worked it out open up the observatory window and it should over lay your image in the correct position in the sky. All you have to do is then slew to object and your set to go again.
  18. Thanks a lot Michael I'm really pleased with it now especially as it was my first proper guiding attempt.
  19. Thanks for all your comments and help. Here we have iteration #3
  20. Cheers Ben That's a good idea John, I'll try that when I have more data. In the mean time I re-processed it. Any better
  21. Thanks, I do seem to have some halos around the reddish stars not sure how to get rid of them.
  22. Snap I couldn't get any data last night too windy My first attempt at alignment was way out and the image was just a cluster of stars, redid it an there it suddenly is on the screen, it's just amazing isn't it.
  23. This is my first image with the WO GT81 & Filter Wheel, Guiding, EQMOD and basically getting everything working together in MAXIM. It needs a lot more data, plus I haven't got round to flats yet, setup last night using pinpoint (love how that works) in Maxim to get more data but it was too windy and the guiding fluctuated too much and so didn't get around to getting flats. This is from 27/11 20 - 300s L 10 - 300s each of RGB plus darks & bias. My processing was done mainly in CS3 and I seem to have blown out the core and so will have to go back and perhaps process that differently when I've more data.
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