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  1. Where does space end? Same place as our imagination.
  2. My anti virus tells me that link is a knows malicious site?
  3. Exactly. indoctrinated/constructed, same thing.
  4. Biological differences have nothing to do with gender. I know plenty of women who don't get cold. I might view myself as gender neutral.
  5. I should imagine it is much the same thing that draws both men and women to astronomy. Gender is after-all a social construct and has been proved in this thread, that with enlightened parents and others it does not need to shape individuals into girls like pink and boys like blue. (A very simple example I know but so as to avoid in depth discussions. Sexual orientation is different thing, I mention this purely to avoid confusing the two.
  6. No offense taken, Just thought I'd offer an alternative. It's the responsibility of the significance that is for me truly humbling.
  7. Explanations like this are why I'm liking this forum more and more.
  8. Just because something will end and perhaps leave nothing to remember it, does not equate to insignificance.
  9. Or how significant we are if we are the only beings for millions of light years who can look out to the universe and KNOW we are part of it.
  10. So, let me get this strait. We are closes to the point of the bang, than a galaxy 13 billion LY away. But when we look back in time (13 billion years only a short time since the Big bang we are actually looking the other way?
  11. So winter is better in general then summer? When not raining or cloudy
  12. Out of curiosity, does temperature have any effect?
  13. Thanks, I assume the weather conditions here are not of the greatest.
  14. Why is there a limit to magnification in say the UK on any particular scope? Say 200x For a 250px. (I gleamed that from another thread.)
  15. :icon_scratch:Are we really here if they can't see us?
  16. "There is a boundary at the edges that we cannot see beyond and are unaware of." Surely to make this statement we must be aware of it.
  17. So far so good, I'm really amazed at how quickly the good people on this forum give answers!
  18. My dog. She jumped over the wall to the neighbor and forgot how to get back.
  19. :cool:The way civilization seem to be going and considering the state of the world today, there may be no point in moving anything.
  20. What ever has come and gone, what ever will still come we may never know, but for me the comforting thought is that we ARE here now. And we Know it.
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