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  1. Hi all, I've tried to search for an Orionids post but can't find one just now. I live in the south west of the UK. (NR Bath, rural). I'm trying to get views on the best times for the expected Orionids peak this FRI/SAT. Thinking of 2 hours before dawn Sat morning. Thanks.
  2. I live in Marshfield , Nr Bath (South West). Next March South Glos Council are switching off all street lights from 12:00 to 05:00am. Yahoo!!! Milky Way here we come !!!!!
  3. Thankyou for taking the time to help. Good advice. Got £200 to spend.
  4. Hi All, Please can you advise me please. I have a Sky-watcher telescope. D90mm F1250mm with a "super 25 Wide Angle long eye relief". I'm new to equipment and I am currently looking for a selection of lens. Thinking of a Plossl lens but unsure of which size. Any recommendations please. Thank you ............Go STS134 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi All, Just joined. Brilliant. Please may I ask a question about my Telescope. I have a "Sky-Watcher" 4'' reflector D 90mm F 1250mm with a super 25 wide angle lens. I'm told I can get even better resolution with another lens. Any idea of where to start please. I'm told this 4'' would be better with a better lens. Thanks all. Did anyone think JR was a poor choice to include on Stargazing ??
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