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  1. Robert Jordan > Feist > Tolkien, but then again this isn't a fantasy thread so I'll shut up PS David Eddings is quite good, other than his later Elder Gods series which bored me
  2. I don't know which is more accurate, but I would rather have the first on my wall than the second
  3. Hang on, isn't the 8XX on Morgans for a tenner exactly the same barring the single shot button (same internals) and can be flash right up to 9XX level?
  4. Are Kindle books not also DRM protected?
  5. I have a Sony eReader (not as limited in formats as the Kindle) and love it to bits - very easy to read on the screen but obviously needs a light source as it's not an LCD.
  6. Rises around 00:05 tonight almost due east, works its way over till it's lost in the sun in the morning. Reaches it's peak around 05:30 due south. All rough (and assuming I'm using Stellarium properly)
  7. Being terribly newbish, I'm intending on building a box myself. MDF + Expandable foam spray ... I stand to be told this is bad idea though
  8. What a moment of awesomeness - using the code for Sky at Night, and the same code for Good Food for the wife = Meade 4000 SP 32mm second hand for free (in money not spent on magazines....) Result!
  9. As some others have said, not a convertee but a reawakened enthusiast helped along by the program
  10. Kim Stanley Robinson - Mars Trilogy Peter F Hamilton - Void Trilogy Issac Asimov - Foundation Series
  11. Thanks for the tip! Funnily enough I was reading one site last night that suggested the eq5 was only suitable up to 150cm. Guess its going to be a 6 or maybe one of those goto upgrade kits that were in the skywatcher 2011 brochure! Time and pennies will tell
  12. Well done that man! I must say I love the Orion one too
  13. Stephen

    Hi from Derby

    Greetings all, though I'd drop a post and say hi Many a summer I used to nab the 8" reflector from school and spend my nights looking up, but then university and jobs and life ... well I drifted away somewhat though still maintained my collection of books/DVDs on the subject. (I really need to get round to watching Wonders of the Solar System on blu ray Santa brought me for Christmas!) Fast forward 15 years or so from then and my collection of books just isn't doing it for me anymore, and my daughter and I (well me, she's 10 and spends all her pocket money on random junk!) have decided to get a telescope and get out there I'm imminently (well as soon as a few old mobile phones get sold off to a certain recycling company) about to purchase a Skyliner 200P which would seem to tick all the boxes for us right now. Longer term goals would include purchasing a EQ mount and SLR but they are not top of my list right now. I would be interested to know what eyepieces work well with the 200P, budget isn't probably as high as it needs to be (sub £75) but as I understand it the supplied ones are "passable"? Looking forward to chatting with you all on the forums. Stephen
  14. Just what I wanted to hear thanks
  15. I wonder if I could lean on your collective knowledge I am about to buy a Skyliner 200P and wanted to know if at a later point I get some more money together, is the tube transferable to another mount such as an EQ5? Photography is my long (very long!) term goal, but getting myself and my daughter back out in the field (so to speak) is my short term aim. Thanks in advance!
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