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  1. This EQ-5 is described as the 'old' version. Is it very different from the current one, if at all? I'd like to add motors, probably Nema 14 or 17, and am unsure if it is possible to do so on this version. Any advice please?
  2. Check the connection tab inside the socket. If that flexes and the live tab touches the shell it may reboot the computer by instantaneously shorting and cutting power. happened to me once on a very old laptop with a broken tab.
  3. It remains to be seen how much of what she says will be intelligent information and how much will be condescending twaddle that the producer/director/scriptwriter instruct her to say? If it’s just reading an autocue, Joe Grundy from the Archers would be as good. If she’s allowed to discuss and explain things from her own point of view and using her intelligence and experience that would be great. I have no idea who she is or what her style is, but anyone with a physics degree and a masters should be able to deliver a good story, even if they aren’t initially a TV personality in the Blue Peter style. But please, no more Brian Cox, Dara O’Brien “we’re-lads-because-we-drink-on-TV-to-show-we’re-cool-and-we-giggle-a-lot” TV. I, for one, am fed up all with these docu-dramas where the only way the BBC think they can explain a point is to get some actors in period dress to ‘relive’ the historical event. Did anyone see the could-have-been-excellent Pompeii programme that was ruined by this over-dramatisisation? Please, BBC, stop appealing to the masses, give me interesting, informative TV that teaches me something, without wasting time. I, for one welcome her and hope she will help do that. Time will tell.
  4. Try paisleyfreight.com. I have used them several times, seem fine.
  5. It always strikes me as a little sad when scientists try to act 'cool' in order not to come across as geeks. Dara tries to make a joke on every sentence he says and Brian appears over-excited. And why do they have to drink on the second part - beer from bottles, not really PC but again 'we're cool'. Wonder what the excuse will be tonight. Why is there a need to bring on so many celebrity-stars, again who try to be cool rather than geeky. As with the "I memorised all the periodic table but now I can't remember any of them." As a result this is yet another programme that enters the realm of 'tabloid TV'. Brian's 'this is so simple I can explain it with archaic chalk and blackboard' fell short. I don't think the world at large can deal with the oscillating nature of light. The Beeb has a massive graphics department they use to create adverts, why not use that to produce animated some simple explanations - for example showing the effect of the colour of light related to frequency. For me the best presenter is Liz in the US. Calm, clear and informative without being excitable or cool. She should take over the whole thing. Why so many presenters? I imagine it's a big turn off for most people. I wonder what the BBC market research shows - if they still do it after all the cuts.
  6. And no Jonafon Woss as yet, or has someone else already tempted fate?
  7. How long to have the 250 rule waived?
  8. It's called 'dumbing down' . Speciality of the Beeb.
  9. I have some friends visiting from America who have offered to bring a couple of eyepieces over. Any bargains to be had? I have a Skywatcher 200 and need to get a new set for DSO use.
  10. If your'e that bothered about it, don't buy any. It's not tax, you don't have to pay.
  11. I have bought graphics videos from this company before and received it in good time, so have no reason to doubt their authenticity. Today we are giving away a powerful new archive of footage and photos from the NASA library, featuring everything from explosive shuttle launches to views from outer space: http://news.footagefirm.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=x8pb0h,10adi,a25,5g3n,cgwg,lpfo,ams1 We are giving away 10 collections containing over 150 footage clips and 500 photos. Shots include historical as well as modern day material.
  12. If you look back through the feedback list, Skipton-Trader, sold a scope in March 2010. MEADE EXT-90EC TELESCOPE WITH TRIPOD FAULTY (#260562647378) for £225. He sells regularly, and might normally be expected to want to maximise his revenue. But may be sentimental about his brother's scope, so not interested in this case - that's why he doesn't want to sell as split items.
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