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  1. Ahhh, got all excited then, never mind. Thanks for the quick responses
  2. Looking for some help, Last night I was in Northumberland, UK taking shots of the Aurora around (not much luck due to fog), initially I though I had captured a shooting star until someone thought it might be ISS. Here is the image then a 100% crop, can anyone advise? 12mm lens, F2, 30secs. 10:45pm looking North/NorthWest
  3. Thanks for the tips. Anything to help locate Polaris would be a help with the light pollution where I am. How exactly are you using the laser pointer at the polar scope eye piece? Cheers
  4. I'm glad I am not alone! I'm sure we'll get there in the end and it will all be worth it.
  5. I will check to see if I can alter the brightness of the polar scope on the handset.
  6. So last night was my fist night out with scope and heq5 mount. It didn't go very well, you can read about my troubles in another thread. My first issue was the view through the polar scope, it was very difficult to see the reticule and circle etc to perform my polar alignment with Polaris. If I was to squint and not move I could JUST about make out the markings and get aligned but it was almost impossible as obviously it's dark! Is this normal? It doesn't help kneeling in wet muddy snow an awkwardly arching my neck!
  7. I have not checked cone error, tbh I'm not sure what it is or how to look for it. I'm waaaay off when I slew, according to my setup last night Rigel is waist height in my garden fence! I attempted to slew to a few different guide stars all were off by a big margin, a couple of attempts were atleast in the correct direction but still nowhere near.
  8. Ok cheers. I actually tried to align with RA and Dec locked and without and couldn't get either way to work for me. Just to keep me sane please could someone confirm I'm entering my coordinates correctly? Here's how my iphone GPS displays. And here is what I entered. Thanks again
  9. Yes in that case I was in home position. Do I lock the RA and Dec before starting the handset align or leave them free?
  10. Can you clarify home position - I think I had it correct. Not sure what you mean by 'negative for west' Date, time were right. Maybe the mount wasn't 100% level.
  11. I had my scope in 'home' position, weights down scope pointing up, facing north. However I did not specify on the synscan handset that I was I. 'Home/start/park position' do I need to do that somewhere?
  12. Lol oops yes Polaris. Darn can't edit my above post!
  13. So tonight it was clear! Well for 2 hours or so. I was very excited to get out for the first time with a telescope, 150pds and heq5 synscan. However, I could not get my mount/synscan to perform a 2 star alignment correctly. I'm sure I did everything correctly but the scope would just slew to the wrong location every single time. Are there any 'gotchas'' that can cause this? Here's what I did. Used my iphone compass to point my mount north and used altitude bolts to get Sirius in polar scope. This was a real struggle as I could hardly see the reticule/circle 'diagram' in the polar scope. Used
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