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  1. But you will lose your night vision as soon as you look at the moon... Or do you use a very dark ND filter for it?
  2. Nice detail from your girlfriend... from my wife, nothing, as usual... :S And I have here a big can of chocolates for her...
  3. Wow!! Absolutely Wow!!! I have never seen images as good as yours!... Wow!
  4. My 3 yr old daugther calls my Omni XLT + Tripod, "The Rocket Launcher"
  5. That could be an option, I use to focus on objects very far, a couple of miles may be (the scope manual says "over 1.5 mile"). so may be your 400m tree is too close for your eyepieces!... Keep trying!
  6. I think that it's a little bit out of focus (on the full size), but it has wonderful colors, it is popping out from the background!! Cheers!
  7. Wow!!... Very nice capture indeed!!... With a lot of detail!
  8. Nice capture!! Great detail, love the powder line on 4217!!
  9. I just order mine, I understood that it was the new edition. But I'll have it next week because it comes from USA to Chile... a long trip...
  10. Great shot!! Love the detail and colors! Cheers for that!
  11. Great shot!!!! It looks really good, please give us more detail... is it a single shot, if don't, how much were there... etc! Cheers for your first succesfully intent!!
  12. Welcome Tipper, and I share with you the feeling of impression when I saw M42 for first time!!... It was only WOW!!.... And this weekend I went to a place with a really dark sky and I was drooling for a couple of hours!! I saw LMC and SMC and it was amazing!!! My first galaxies!!!
  13. Wow, the first one with pixinsight looks really good... cheers and keep trying!
  14. Well I voted grass and pavement, but I have installed my scope on gravel once, but it's a very unstable surface for the tripod and for the amateur astronomer...
  15. Love the picture!! Great color of the stars and contrast...
  16. I usualy watch Jupiter and its always changing moons, but I'm waiting for saturn... but I need a new eyepiece to catch it!
  17. This is a very good opportunity for us, but this year I'll start a master degree so it would be to much study for one year... jaja But, if somebody could share some material for give it a look would be very nice!
  18. Cornelius, This is a very interesting post, I also have a CG4 and would like to install a motor drive on it. Where did you find the Sysncan Kit for your CG-4? Thank you!
  19. Hi guys, I'm thinking to get a couple of eyepieces for my Celestron Omni 150 XLT, wich has an 25mm eyepiece, and because I want to use it for planetary and moon observation, I have been looking for eyepieces to increase the magnification. Here in Chile we have only 2 providers of "serious" astronomic devices, and the only brands that has eyepieces are Celestron and Williams Optics, any other brand has to be imported directly and it's very difficult to get them shipping to Chile. I understand that WO would have better performance than Celestron, but the prices are very similar: WO SPL 6mm US$190 (55º) Celestron XCel 5mm US$165 (55º) WO SWAN 9mm US$180 (72º) Celestron XCel 10mm US$ 165 (55º) Ther is also Celestron Axion and Ultima eyepieces, but it cost 3 or 4 times Xcel. I have the money for the William Optics, but is there too much difference between them and Celestron? Thank you for your advices!
  20. Peter, this picture is abolutely breathtaking... I'm very novice to astrophotography, just learning the technique but this kind of work is what motivate me to do it by myself. The picture is awesome, ready for being published in a magazine!!! Regards!
  21. I'm ready with the map... there are just 2 other chilean in the site?
  22. Hola TeaDwarf, I live in Penalolen in the new suburbs of Santiago, so the skies are clearer than the downtown. But I'll take your advice and this weekend I'll be going out of the city. The buses are modern and less contaminant, but we have more buses and a lot more cars than 5 years ago, so the pollution is not decreasing... Thank you all for your kindly welcome! And sorry for my barely useful english! !
  23. Hi, my name is Victor, I've been watching the skies for several years, I've been reading basic astronomy books and enjoing the clear skies of Chile with my bare eyes or with bins, but one week ago I decided to buy mi first telescope and it was like open my eyes for first time! So I started looking for forums or web pages about astronomy resources and that was how I found you guys. I hope to learn a lot of you and may be I could share some images from the south with you. BTW, my telescope is a Celestron Omni XLT 150. Thank you!
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