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  1. After what feels like an eternity off the scope due to work, life, weather etc and following a whole bunch of IT issues I managed to rescue this from a much curtailed session last night. First time I've tried using HDR during the post processing of my stacked image, lots of room for improvement but encouraging none the less. Ian
  2. Been out looking and about the local area, a few gaps above but really really foggy (<20m viz) so drew a blank. Back home for a beer and a sulk!
  3. Some of the prediction models are as high as I've ever seen them, which of course means it's solid cloud up my way!
  4. Given how incredibly rare and unlikely a grouping of aircraft of that type would be and you've happened upon them using an instrument with a limited field of view a number of times I'd suggest you've caught a relatively common event, i.e. birds. Also number of UAV's have a similar profile to a B2 (only 21 made), for example BAe's Taranis, but they are also around in very low numbers.
  5. So near and yet so far, you could argue that the 'mystery' of what happened provided more interest in the project than a successful landing would have (see also the bouncing Philae lander). I'm sure lessons will have been learned regarding future lander designs.
  6. Simple answer, Men can do maps but goto is a gadget and gadgets win every time!
  7. Sad news, with the number of people Sir Patrick inspired to take up science over the years he made a massive contribution to UK science. RIP Sir.
  8. Sorry should have said, visually the display was still stunning.
  9. This was taken a few weeks back with a moon so bright I didn't need a head torch to find my way around. Enjoy your trip.
  10. Go-to vs manual seems to be as circular an argument as film vs digital in my opinion. I've had both and I like the ability to track straight onto a target that I get from a go-to as my imaging hours are restricted so the more time I'm on target the better. Each to their own I say!
  11. Having stayed up late watching the Ryder cup highlights (of which there were many) I nipped out to the golf course across from my house and caught the best auroral display I've seen since I was a wee lad. Cheers Ian
  12. ythanpythan

    Skies of Newburgh

    Astro views from Newburgh, Aberdeenshire
  13. I went out after the Golf as well, I had feared the bright moon would wash it all out but it was rather spectacular. Jam1e1 it was a very clear green colour where I was, it's much more intense than a DSO so the eye can discern the colour, reds are also often seen.
  14. I stargaze as it's more fun than doing my own research for my MSc, I'd suggest you reevaluate your research strategy though, maybe try putting a link to a more structured questionnaire via survey monkey or something. Asking a loosely structured series of questions with a limited explanation of the purpose on an internet forum is a bit discourteous in my opinion. Good luck though!
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