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  1. got me some pics of tonight aurora over the solway firth cumbria looking north over the water to scotland ... ps how do i post a pic up ??
  2. i was just packing up and seen the fireball going west over cumbria what a lovely sight stayd out till 1.30 am hopeing there might be some more and nothing .....
  3. kev i

    Solar system 2012

    fantastic work and i hope to get some half as good well done and thank you for sharing....
  4. kev i

    IMG 2873

    well i like it
  5. kev i

    just starting out

    moon pics
  6. hi there ted iam up for a meet up,,, lets all get stuck in and turn this in to some thing for us in cumbria ...
  7. well done love the pics thanks for shareing
  8. kev i

    SAM 1914

    From the album: just starting out

  9. i suppose i love it to... its beautiful well done wish i could do it
  10. hi there marra there is a club up at cockermouth there are no astronomy shops in cumbria i do alot of astronomy on my own like you say no one seems to do anything so on nice dark nights iam out looking.. do you have a scope ?
  11. i have the scope you are getting yourself you will be not be disappointed at all. Saturn looks 3d and the moon is out of this world lol all the best for your first light with it .....
  12. all your pics are fantastic out of this world lol well done iam looking forwerd to try and do them my self well i can dream lol well done
  13. kev i

    close up of the moon

    From the album: just starting out

    photo taken with the web cam with 25mm e/p telescope skywatcher 250p
  14. kev i


    From the album: just starting out

  15. hi there iav just got my foundation licence 6 months ago my call M6KWI and iav been trying to make contact with the iss.... set your scanner frq 145.800 and get the page up of the net iss tracker to see were it is i can hear them 100 mile of the uk it has a big foot print has it goes over ... i use a 2meter yaesu fm transceiver ft-1802 call out on 145.200 working splits with listen 145.800 .... try building a 2 meter anttenna or just buy one for around 30 pounds... my scanner with just the standerd antenna is not up for the job.. your receiver needs the best anttenna so get your self a vhf antenna so if you go for your exam it will come in for your new 2 meter radio lol.... this is how i deal with the iss all the best the call for the iss is PI9ISS the last few times its been over hope this will help
  16. the sky is blue new scope has come 250px ... i can not wait to try it out for the first light tonight if it gets dark ; lol lets hope the clouds do not come over and put my flames out ....
  17. ho were is my new dob.. not come yet . orderd it from FLO hope its not on a slow boat from china lol
  18. just herd the iss not giveing the NE1ISS call but PI9ISS thay were talking to some one in germany so next time i will try 15 mins sooner putting out my call well to the next time
  19. thanks for the heads up.. going to try and see if i can contact them with my 2 meter radio NE1ISS it would be nice to think so
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