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  1. ohhh sorry the word that was blocked out was c.a.r.p and if i had saved all my pennies from my fishing days i could buy the hubble haha well atleast one of its pannels or something
  2. yup i hate cloud i wish my vaccum was stronger id make just a little hole in the sky so i can see atleast something hehe
  3. its happening mate sat/sun is gna be clear woooooooo
  4. please check this out all of u have probably seen this a million times but its the first for me what a view ey ?? NASA - NASA TV
  5. nicnac were u been mate hows tricks i going to an observation sat/sun with a local club woooo:headbang:
  6. hehe i know what you mean guys im litterally 4 days old to this i cant think of anything better i was a huge **** fisherman from childhood but as soon as i discovered this i truly belive this is what i have been looking for to keep me interested whilst my brain is still young (24) haha but hey maybe one day ill be ono of them guys to fly to space well thats taking a bit too far but ya get what i mean . hope for clear skies the weekend have fun and take care all
  7. aint this hobby the best thing ever LOVE IT!!
  8. wow thank u all ever so much for ur kind advise and words im slowing downa little bit now im just soo absessed with what i have seen so far.i have contacted a local club today and they are having an abservation this SAT/SUN as the weather is looking promising so maybe ill find some answers and un cover alot more so thank u all so much lets hope i get going soon i cant stay out of the picture forums i need to get out of the house or ill have moon brain or something haha thanks guys
  9. yes the stars are with us for the weekend cant wait cnaag.com is having an event so im dead excited maybe see the international space station to lets hope
  10. no rain no no no no no there goes seeing anything AGAIN!
  11. im moon mad and want decent pics of the lunar surface ,features, textures and all do u think this will do the job ? CGE PRO 1400 HD Computerized Telescope lots of money but going to be worth it
  12. eerm me no image dood either maybe set the exposure to 30 secs or maybe 20 secs use a peice of card put it in front of lense press the go button remove the card this helps with the expose not picking up vibration ( as seen on stargazing live ) look up on youtube or even go to the thread u are bound to find something. not much help but ey every little helps adios !
  13. i need to go to bed i will be here all night looking for the flag the yanks put there on the moon haha i love it but i blame the tv program hehe
  14. OMG look a jaccuzi on the moon last pic! haah amazing shots mate totally amazing !
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