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  1. that is so cool! I'm freaking stoked about that picture!
  2. the sky has been miserable for a couple weeks now here. I thought I was going to have a chance tonight however the high alt clouds rolled in just after the snowed stopped (so much for spring ) I'll let you know when I get a chance to look at it myself! Man I'm excited now hahaha.
  3. OBAMA self? lol I'm sorry I'm lost hmm I think that I used a 2" hinge too. I wouldn't recommend a piano hinge because they are flimsy, just want to find one with the least amount of play.
  4. once you get the timing down (it's really easy) it works near perfectly. good luck!
  5. I have seen it before with a scope and it's certainly impressive!
  6. Ok thank you for that! I wasn't sure just how bright they are and I scanned and scanned and couldn't find anything that resembled a cluster. Is the cluster spread out any or would it look like a single point of light with something like 15x70 bind?
  7. got any suggestions? I tried to find the one near Bootes but I couldn't find it. granted it was also night of the supermoon.
  8. By saying this you are saying that there is a higher power/intelligence/being aren't you?
  9. I've just been stunned by the amount of objects that you can see through a good pair of bins. So far Jupiter and saturn have yielded some nice results. Jupiter more to just see some of it's moons.
  10. The movie District 7 gives a little good insight on a possible scenario about alien contact. Why "aliens" would want to come into contact with a warring and disease infested civilization I don't know. Which leads me to another thing. What happened to native American "Indians" when the Spanish and others came into contact? Disease ravaged them. Think about if two species from other worlds came into contact. What's the likelihood of our and their versions of the common cold leaving both of us in ruins?
  11. you'll notice that its yellowish color and slightly oblong. it's really cool.
  12. Since the moon was dominating the sky I opted to not even attempt any astrophotography and pulled out my celestron 15x70 binos. I spent some time hunting around the sky until deciding to take a gander at Saturn. To my surprise I noticed that the shape of the dot was oblong which i could only assume is because i was actually able to see its rings. With averted viewing i believe i was able to see more of the planetary shape and barely make out to moons (specks but they were there).
  13. shot the moon as it came up over the horizon. Used my little point and shoot Canon SX30 IS. pretty impressed with what i got. The top of the moon actually yielded some beautiful craters rimed in shows. 1/125 @ f5.8 150mm then some others. one of my observation binos and one from our walkway, Saturn hanging out to the left of the moon.
  14. please remove, posted in wrong section
  15. wait men aren't supposed to have nipples?
  16. btw all this talk about harvesting fuel and resources off chunks of rock in space only makes me think of one thing.... and nothing good comes from that...
  17. I laughed pretty hard at this. and the whole US ignores it's poorer citizens (which just so happen to be immigrants and blacks for the most part, I know how terrible that sounds but I grew up in the southern US) but I agree whole-heartedly with your statement. It certainly won't happen within mamdy pamdy land here (read: United States).
  18. i'd say that "space" ends when you stop trying to further your understanding. out of sight out of mind.
  19. it's a bit of a fetch, but maybe the Nanosail-D catching sunlight?
  20. well dang, I think I may have a try with my iphone up to my 15x70 bino's! pretty cool!
  21. just curious why you didn't crop out the stacked edges. pretty cool though.
  22. It'll be there with any photo. There is only so many pixels in a photo you crop in close enough you'll lose sharpness because there are less pixels left.
  23. the progression with Running Man is really cool too aside from m42. nice work!
  24. it most likely has something to do with resolution of the picture, it happens. but its still pretty
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