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  1. So now I'm curious will any photo tripod work? I went to photography school so I invested in a nice Manifrotto tripod, monopod, and ball jointed head. Would I be able to use any or all of those? I was looking at the skymasters, can you make out nebulae and galaxies with those or are these out of range still for that bino? again I'm clueless but very interested to learn.
  2. just found it it too thanks to the other reply with stellarium! Honestly I'm pretty stoked that this program exists, I never heard of it before and I was able to coin in the time approximately that i shot that and there it was. I've long had an interest in the skies above us, since I was a child. I got to see the rings of saturn and Jupiters moons among other things through a telescope at a science museum during a lunar eclipse in the 90s. I'm going to link my other thread i created in interest to using binoculars for viewing. If any of you can help I'd be thrilled! http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-binoculars/123883-first-pair-binos.html
  3. awesome! I'll be giving that a go then. I'll report back with what I find
  4. I stumbled across this forum and never thought about stargazing with binoculars. Since I can't afford a telescope at this part of my life (daughter born to my wife and I November 2010 ), this would be such a perfect thing for me to get to have a better look at my sky. I live in Vermont with my wife now and being a city boy I've never seen such clear dark skies in my life. I looked around and saw that people said 10x50 are the lowest and a must have. What brand Bino's can anyone suggest. I can't spend too much so the less expensive the better. And what exactly can you make out with a 10x50 vs other zoom range? thanks ahead of time for everyones help.
  5. last night I sat outside to watch the Quantrantid shower. I got to see a few bright meteors one blue with a trail and one travel the entire sky south to north. Upon picking up my stuff to go inside (it's cold here in Vermont haha) I noticed a flickering light in the sky off to the east. I thought it was a plane at first until I noticed that it wasn't going anywhere (except for around polaris obviously ) It caught my interest because it was appeared to flicker much like a flame on a candle and had a very distinct read appearance. I took a picture with the only camera I have on me currently ( Canon powershot SX30IS, I left my 30D elsewhere) If anyone can help me identify this star (assuming it has some identity) and whatever constellation it belongs to it would be awesome. I've been racking my brain all day trying to find a constellation that looks similar to anything I photographed. The star was probably about 35 degrees above the horizon, approximately 1am on January 4th. Ursa Major was pretty high in the sky by this time. The star in question is the biggest one almost center frame.
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