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  1. can you still see the comet?? i have a really clear night here.
  2. Hi i would like to image the night sky with this camera if possible, just images on the stars on a dark night. like costellations . not deep sky or planets. I have a tripod as well. and this camera has come with a 18-55mm lense what sort of settings do i need to have it on i dont even know if this camera will do the job Kelly
  3. Hi there, just wondered will i be able to see the upcoming comet. comet pann stars i think. any help would be amazing Kelly
  4. tracking? are those the motors that move the scope? i think i need a mount but no idea how much those cost
  5. hi guys just wondered what equipment i would need for imaging deep sky objects. i have some money put buy if i would need to buy any other equipment needed. would be great for someone who knows about this to give me some advice keen to start snapping away . thanks stargazerkelly
  6. Hi i recently bought a new slr camera which should be arrive within the next couple of weeks. its a nikon d1000 reviews seem good so im happy with the purchase. can i use this camera to take photos of stars the moon and possibly the milky way. i dont have any intention as of yet to do deeper like nebs, planets ect... just want to start on basic imaging of the night sky without using a telescope to aid me. will this camera do that what do i need to get in terms of making this happen. i got a lense with it 18-55mm lense it comes free with the camera any help would be amazing Stargazerkelly
  7. what do you see when you see the ISS passing ? is it like a star moving?
  8. Rights so heres where i ask you guys for tips or my new observitory build my dad came up with a idea to have a shed on a plymph ( wait im sure thats what he said it was called) it would be quite high of the ground the plymph then he was going to build a shed around the plymph. now i need some ideas of how to get the roof to roll off. looking to start in the summer for obvious reasons Eg. the RAIN lol but if anyone can shed some light of how to do this or what to do reccomend. so yeah any help i will be writing down or if you have any fresh ideas would be great looking forward to hearing fro
  9. does anyone know where to get a dome observitory how much am i looking for one. and wheres the best place to go!!
  10. Hi Praying for a clear night.... i wanna show my little brother and sister some good objects in the night sky and also give them a chance to try and find them. any ideas for what i can look for would use stellarium but cannot install it on my freinds computer so im all ears i look forward to hearing some suggestions clear skies stargazerkelly
  11. well my dad has offered to but me a brand new DSLR next year. possibly my birthday and he is going to use the canon 10D. so for now guys i need a good camera just to take photos of day to day stuff my Kodak easyshare Z915 did the job lol but now its broke i still need to find a new or used camera any suggestions. oh and all the links u guys sent me for lenses and reviews. ect... have been sent to my dad and he is reading them. so if its okay to ask any ideas of a camera i could get. i do like the looks of the Compact Bridge Camera's and sorry for be the biggest pain in the butt
  12. so peter if its okay to ask you. shud u buy that lense?
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