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  1. Hi guys, Yep, will go for the 130p, have had a look thru one at Jupiter and it was the thing that did it for me. 'A celestial family'. PS I've estimated that bearing in mind it takes the light from the sun only about 8 minutes to reach the earth, for us to view jupiter from the sunlight reflected off it, we see that reflected sunlight a full 80 minutes, almost an hour and a half after it left the sun!
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to source a beginners scope for someone without much money. I think we all appreciate the need for high light levels which suggest a little reflector telescope like the skywalker hawk 1145P. Can anyone tell me if this telescope offers good enough views to capture the imagination of a 10 year old son and his Mum? I cant imagine they will look at much more than the moon, jupiter and saturn etc unless the youngster gets properly stuck in to the hobby. Is it still the case that a reflector, even at this low level of cost, is still better value for money compared to a refractor in the same price range? Thanks, Andy
  3. Thank you all for your help! I'll do some investigating, the CG-5 looks like a bargain to me! Thanks.
  4. I have very little as I want to spend as much as I can (200 quid) on the refractor. So the cheapest basic mount. I've seen EQ-1, EQ-2, AZ-3, and EQ-3, EQ3-2, mentioned with some of the skywatcher range. Are these just different weight tripods for different size scopes? or do they do different things?
  5. Thanks chaps, For an EQ mount there appear to be different sorts, which is the cheapest sort to do the job of line up to polar than adjust only one knob to follow a star? Sounds like fair compromise for not spending on a motorised mount.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain which is the best tripod mount for tracking stars when you cant afford a tracking or motorised mount? Thanks.
  7. It is frustrating not being able to see the buy/sell post but I can see the logic to prevent commercial sellers taking advantage.
  8. I can recommend looking for the nebula below orions belt as well!
  9. Hi Mick, I'm in Mid Wales, welcome to the club!
  10. Hi, I bought a secondhand skywatcher 250. Its big but the views especially with a 2" eye piece are really astounding. I had a 130p before that which to be honest wasnt all that much different, you get used to the image size, If I had a choice I'd go for a 6" - 8" reflector so it is easy to move, set up and look after. I'm looking for a 100mm refractor to see what its like in comparison to the big dob. By the way, if you seek high magnification, you'll need to learn to move the scope slightly while viewing as everything moves past the field of view very quickly! A tracking system would be a nice luxury.
  11. Welcome! SOunds like a nice scope.
  12. demoneye

    Newbe :)

    Hi there, I'm two weeks a head of you, got a dobsonian, had a few evenings out with it (a bit chilly this time of year!). What type of scope have you bought?
  13. Hi All, Saw venus this morning, the moon, jupiter, pleiades and orion nebula last night. The 250p is working a treat, a friend leant me a laser collimator which seems to be a brilliant bit of kit. I bought a 15mm eyepiece to fit between the supplied 10mm and 25mm. Also made use of the barlow supplied. Only problem is having to continually re-align the scope at high magnification but will soften the mount hinges this weekend so it is smooth rather than jerky. PS I never realised how red betelgeuse was until I looked at it through a scope!
  14. Hi, I owned a 130p before buying a skyliner 250. The 130p is a great scope. quick and easy to use. The laser finder is simple and does an excellent job. with the supplied eyepieces you can view Jupiter and just about make out one or maybe two of the bands on its surface. The 4 moons around it look spectacular. The Orion nebula looks fab too. As for the moon - I have a new found respect for the planet since buying a telescope... Downsides - even a big scope does not like to move around which means hovering your eye over the eyepiece. this is particularly the case for the 130p. Make sure it is on a solid table to use it. I recommend buying a good quality barlow and a 15mm eyepiece.
  15. Hi there, I'm off to pick mine up tommorrow. Very excited as owned heritage 130p before which was brilliant in itself for such a small scope. I would love to know if anyone can recommend a list of things for us beginners to look for in the heavens with a 10" dob? It would be much appreciated!
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