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  1. This is pretty normal for this particular sensor although my 'columns' disappear as soon as I cool my (QSI 683) one to -20 degrees C. Dithering while imaging and ideally using PixInsight's 'Cosmetic Correction' algorithm before stacking will remove these noisy pixels well and you'll get some great images then.
  2. High or low, it is certainly good enough for government work and I reckon an old amateur like me would be happy with it too!
  3. Yes, this could easily be modified to accept a Bahtinov mask instead of a Flats panel
  4. Can't be sure that mine was a Charles Frank but it would have been 60 years ago that my parents bought me a black cardboard tubed refractor via the 'Look and Learn' magazine. I remember well that I had to be VERY careful when focussing inwards as it was all too easy to blow the single lens off the front as the white plastic retaining ring was not a great fit!!
  5. This would be my choice as well as I have found this camera to be an excellent all-rounder and that tilt screen makes is very much easier to view at the often strange orientations that we astronomers get involved in!
  6. Tee hee - that should, of course, have been 16Gb RAM
  7. I'm completely with Olly on this However, I DID buy a new PC and as this coincided with a desire to try PI, I had it specced to meet PI's requirements which meant an Intel i5, Windows 10 (64bit) and 16 Mb Gb RAM - not exactly a really high specification but it works very well for me so this doesn't need to be silly expensive. I wouldn't rely purely on PI but I do think that PI and PS combined in your workflow is a great way to proceed, PI for calibration, alignment, integration and deconvolution (perhaps some noise reduction too) and then straight into PS for the 'interesting' stuff!
  8. Yup, almost perfect. It could be argued that the bisecting line is a FRACTION high but to be honest, this really is close enough
  9. Seriously impressive and such dedication by Metsavainio. This could be such a useful reference work for 'what shall I image this week?' type questions!
  10. Cracking image, Richard with beautifully coloured stars and great detail in the nebulosity. It's a lovely, full field of view.
  11. Sorry, Mike, I am late to this but in your circumstances, this is the right decision - I only have the shutter automation as I run fully auto. You'll love the Pulsar Dome - it really is nicely made.
  12. Thank you, Peter, I'm pleased you like it! Oh the joys of narrowband, Martin, allowing you to choose any colour you like just to get the contrast you need! I guess that means you like it, John I wasn't aware but will have a look into this - thanks for the heads up. Thanks, Adam, I do love narrowband colouring - such freedom to explore! Thank you, I'm delighted that you like it.
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