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  1. Hello, I have some gifts coming my way for my Birthday and one of them has got to be a pair of binoculars. The budget is around the 50£ mark (give or take a tenner) Please, can I have some suggestions? Regards, Prasad
  2. Hello, I am just about to pay can$175 for 2 EPs. One WO 33mm and a 15mm TV plossl. Looks like a good price, but I am confused here on what sort of import duty needs to be paid. Because this is used, do I have to pay any import duty at all? If it is marked as gift, what is the limit until which I can get away with by paying import duty/VAT? Lastly, is this exerciseworthwhile? Please,can someone help? Regards, Prasad
  3. Actually so was I, until you folks told me so. :insects1: So what could the second object have been? this was around 10 45 ish and darting at breakneck speed across- some sort of flare, perhaps? Cheers, Prasad
  4. Hi all, Extremely clear night here in Ipswich. Just sat outside in the lawn looking at the night sky with my little Jessops bino. I found two very interesting objects. I could easily locate the pleiades high above. I could locate a fuzzy blob next to either camelopardis/cepheus, not far from Cassiopea. I could not identify it, becasue I was looking through the tiny winy Biny er.. binos. Can someone help me identify it please? Also what was that that just darted across eastern sky in the southerly direction? It travelled too far to be termed as a shooting star, and was too bright to be called a satellite. Was that the 17P Holmes? I thought people observed it through their scopes- it moved way too fast to track using a scope for a reasonable length of time? Any tips will be much appreciated. Regards. Prasad
  5. Hi I am sure I saw it, and I saw it day before yesterday at exactly the same sort of time and place that KK mentioned. It was a very bright streak. When I thought I must have been mistaken, a friend of mine, who was just looking up at the sky with me, pointed towards it. Regards, Prasad
  6. Hi folks, Will someone be able to pick me up from somewhere in Ipswich (if the venue suggested is not reachable by public transport). Regards, Prasad
  7. Hi Having spent the first 25 years in India and then in the UK, I've always wondered why things were so expensive in India. For example, A 200mm skywatcher on a HEQ5 on this site, http://www.tejraj.com/skwreflector.html one of the very few dealers in India is priced at Rs.138000 ~1800 GBP which is nearly twice the cost of what I can buy it for in the UK..! Cheers, Prasad
  8. Perhaps, the response to this thread sums up what the channel promoters aim for- no news, everyone screaming at them for showing rubbish, but still come back to listen to more rubbish, more criticism- advertisements and hence more money..?? Cheers, Prasad
  9. Okay.. tomorrow then is the India V Australia One day international at Mohali. I will wake up at 4 for that. Perhaps, I could take a look at Saturn/Venus then. Now, how do I identify Saturn? Which part of the sky do I look at? Are there any marker stars that will be available- Any pointers will be received with thanks. Regards, Prasad
  10. Ah.. a clear night at last in the UK. So, set the telescope up at around 7 ish, aligned the finder scope and went back inside to cook dinner. after colacasia roast and spicy potato roast, came out and started looking for the first object of the day- the ring nebula. Was looking at it for a while, before it disappeared behind the trees. The next one was the owl cluster, NGC 457.It seems an amazing grouping of stars- an owl shape is evident with stars for 2 bright eyes and about 40 other stars which constitute the wings and the legs , along with some stars strewn along the body to give an owl shape. Amazing and funny at the same time. The next half odd hour was spent looking for M27- unable to find it, hopped on to see the great nebula in Andromeda. Now it was past dinner time. Had some dinner and armed with some whiskey, came out to brave the weather again. There were clouds travelling from east to west, threatening to cover the overhead sky , and the easterly winds were only pushing them faster. The next target for the night was Mars, which had just risen above, again in the east. This is still quite far away from the earth and is a reddish orange disk at 100x magnification. I think I need about 300-350 times to get any reasonable detail from Mars. I dont have any filters either at the moment.. hmm.. By now the clouds rolled in faster than I thought and ended my dream of staying awake for Saturn. Let me try tomorrow morning. Hmmm.. So to sum up, I clocked two new objects today- Mars and NGC 457. Cheers, Prasad
  11. These blokes showed no more than pictures of the American flag fluttering and a space ship that resembled the great british UFO hoax that was on one of the five channels a few years back. But I thought this conspiracy is something that no one has attempted before and hence unique?? Cheers, Prasad
  12. Thanks folks.. any clue on where I can find this? I can post a wanted in the forums, I will have to get lucky if that is the case. Regards, Prasad
  13. How? weld it? or perhaps a good old velcro type of strap? i would also like to keep the weight down if possible. Regards, Prasad
  14. Dont know actually.. they even had an astrophysicist on the channel turn up and say that he was not able to confirm that incident.. the programme was called- moon under alien influence, when roughly translated. I thought it was quite interesting as a theory- the main point was that NASA haven't been on a moon mission atleast for 20 years now- if this is true, then we all perhaps have something to think about. Cheers, Prasad
  15. Hello, Today, while winding down, I realised that the OTA is very slippery(because of dew) and hence difficult to dismount the OTA. I thought that, perhaps I needed a second handle. I have a C8N and need some advice on how I can go about with this. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Regards, Prasad
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