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  1. Hi Everyone I am looking to buy a refractor that I can start to do imaging with now I have a HEQ5. I would also like to use it as a travel scope that I can take away on family holidays etc but needs to be small to fit in with baby, dog etc! Have been looking at the SW ED 80 Pro outfit and the new WO ZS 70 2012 - Would the SW be worth it for the extra aperture or the WO for the focuser/finish? Must confess I rather like the looks of the WO scopes are there any others I should consider? Cheers Mark
  2. ahh yes never thought of Winter Hill Do many people use that area? - thinking of joining a local society too as I am pretty new to all this and could do with a few pointers! Cheers Mark
  3. Hi, Anyone around the above area and know of some good sites? Mark
  4. That Sorted it, thank you:icon_salut: but now the cloud rolls in thanks for your help everyone.
  5. thanks for the replies, yep motors are making a slight noise so think the tracking is working fine. Still struggling with fast slewing as I have the small handset syntrek model, highest number is 5? Struggling with this, eqmod is going to be interesting!
  6. I'm having the same problem. Can anyone tell me how to switch the tracking off so I can slew at a faster rate? Sorry for the daft question I never used a motorised mount before! Thanks
  7. After thinking it over and and saving up a bit more I have just order a HEQ5 Synktrek :-) nearly went for CG5 but the extra cash from overtime tempted me too much! Thanks for all the advice. Mark
  8. thanks for the quick replies, certainly given me plenty to think about! My budget was £500ishbut I think I might have to stretch that a little, unless I can find something in the second hand market? I'm thinking along the lines of the HEQ5 at the moment - does anyone know how much it weighs? or if there is a shop I could have a close look and (try) pick it up? (I'm based near High Wycombe?) Might also be able to pass it off at the same mount to get it past mission control! What would be the equivalent celestron mount? thanks for all the help
  9. Hi 6 months ago I brought a SW 150PL on a EQ3-2 mount. I thought at the time I would get into imaging but not this quickly, plus I did not want to spend a lot of dosh if I did not take to it. lLike I say I have now started to get more into the imaging side of things, webcam at the mo, but I dont think it will be long before I turn to DSO's (halfway through Every Photon Counts!). What mount would you recommend? I dont have a pernament site so am a bit worried about getting somthing to heavy and bulky but at the same time I want something that is going to do the job! Cheers Mark
  10. Hi I am hoping to link my nikon d40 up to my 150pl, does anyone know if there is sufficient inwards travel ? Many thanks Mark
  11. sparky81


    Thanks for the warm welcome - cant believe I have not found this forum before now! The question is to goto or not!? Seriously though, thanks for all the advice I am going to think about it for a while and do something that I don't usually do and take my time and not rush in!!! Any recommendations for a telescope with or without goto will be very helpful. Thanks for all your responses Mark
  12. sparky81


    Thanks for the reply. Thats one that I have on my list too! think I might have to go along somewhere and have a look at them all in the flesh!
  13. sparky81


    Hi everyone I am newbie to all this so thought I would say Hi! I am looking to buy my first telescope soon but keep changing my mind! - there is just too much to choose from!!! I am looking for a reflector and have a max of £400 to spend. I was thinking of a Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5, or would i benefit more from having goto tech ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks Mark
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