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  1. This is brilliant, I'm actaully quite pleased with the result for my home area and my dark sky site. My home site is 4.25 and my d/s site is 5.32. I thought lp was bad in my local area, but it appears some of you have it really bad.
  2. Thanks all for the comments and info. Looking in earnest now for an 8", however may hold out to see if I can (as suggested ) pick up a good 10" for around a similar price. One more question, where would I get my optical tube flocked and is it expensive ?( sorry thats two questions )
  3. Wow ! Well that pretty much makes my mind up, what a response! Looks as though I'm going shopping asap
  4. Hi Richard, I think this is an absolutley fantastic image, crisp and coulorful. By the way don't apologise, you can keep them coming in my opinoin.
  5. Advise please anyone . I currently have a Celestron Astro Master 130eq. I really want to upgrade now as I have had this scope for a while and want to go a step futher with my astronomy. I was thinking about a 8" Dobsonian perhaps, most likely the S/W 200p. I really can't afford much more than £300 and this one sits comfortably within budget. Any Ideas or suggestions from you more seasoned guys would be a huge help in making my decision.
  6. Fantastic, thanks Kevin. Will definatley try and catch it now.
  7. Hi Kris, yes I have all of the discovery channels, just not HD , sob.
  8. They already have them at Aldi next to the battery recycling box.
  9. I really want to watch this but I believe that it is only on Sky HD isn't it ? My wife is a complete telly **** and does't want us get HD. Have I got this wrong and it is on normal Sky ?
  10. Superb image, I agree with Guy ( Coco ) that really is a serious bit of kit you have there , wowzers !!!!
  11. Well worth the determination and dedication. Great image despite the sub tropical conditions.
  12. I have to say that Turn Left At Orion was by far and away the most helpful purchase I ever made.
  13. Pay a visit to Bradford, there are some life forms that live here that still boggle science !!
  14. My 4 year old nephew managed to hide varoius items of mine in my surround sound sub speaker . He did this over the course of a few visits during last year. I actually caught him in the act of trying to stash my wifes hairbrush. Upon investigation I found my ipod, two fridge magnets, the dogs collar, a couple items of mail and a small ornament of the Eiffel Tower. Strange behaviour I thought, but quite funny. If you have a sub check it out !!
  15. Hi Alan and welcome, as John say's "it sounds like a Seben Big Boss" . Is this true if not what make and model is it ?
  16. Why would you want a wasps nest
  17. Looks pretty good to me Robin, hope mine is as good as this !
  18. Amazing detail Ibbo, cracking images.
  19. I would just like to offer my thanks to the following people, for offering such sound and prompt advice with the very frustrating and confusing issue with my mirrors. Many thanks to : Ed - NGC 1502 John - Jahmanson Andy H Steve - xboxdevil But especially to Brantuk who nailed it. You were so right about the primary "popping" off of a clip. I took your advice and opened my scope up to look at my primary ( VERY scary ). On opening up the back it was clear that the left hand side clip had popped off the mirror, luckily without damaging it. You couldn't tell that the clip was off when looking down the focus tube, as it was in front of the morror and looked as it should do. I got hold of some cotton gloves used for inspecting turbine rota blades, from a friend, so as not to leave any prints. I gently coaxed the mirror back onto the clip, and made sure it was secure again. A bit of a nightmare Collimating again but.......... .........Hey presto! Perfect horizontal image again. Cheers guys for your help and advice, I'm so chuffed my scopes not cream crackered ! :D Thought I would post this just in case anyone has the same problem again. Cheers, Martin All the best Martin.
  20. Hi Steve, the image you can see is the secondary down the focus tube. The clip you can see is a clip retaining the mirror onto the secondary, not a primary clip ( if thats what you meant ?) I can tighten up all three adjusters on the primary mirror, but I'm not sure if that is where the problem lies. I see what you mean about the slightly thicker edge on the secondary, I will have to play with the secondary again I think.
  21. I built my own , simple light wood frame, 4 to 6 mm plywood panels, Alluminium right angle trims ( for all edges ) , piano hinge , 2x catches and four rubber feet if you feel like. Sprayed the whole box with black Hammerite paint first, then no-nailed the ally edges on. Oh I also added a carrying strap. I bought some foam rubber and had cut to size from a local upholsterer. Looks lovely, good and strong. My misses thought I'd bought it. All this is well and good, and then I went and dropped my scope whilst setting it up DOH !!!! I may even post some pics of it, it's one of the only things I've attempted that worked out.
  22. I'm not sure if my eye is reflected perfectly central to be honest, thing is I'm at work now and can't check. I may be able to seek advive from the Bradford Astro Society if all else fails. May sound a bit silly but I really wanted to sort out this myself , probably because I know I created the problem anyway.
  23. Thanks Brantuk, all sound a little bit daunting. I have tried rotating the secondary about to rectify the problem, with no luck though. I geuss I will just have to persivere with it , if no joy I will have to get a proffesional to look at for me.
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