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  1. Nice one Matt. I believe you can get filters to combat the dreaded orange glow, just going on what some of the experienced guys have posted on here before.
  2. I have just purchased a Celestron 130 eq which is the same scope as the OP mentioned earlier. I have to say that as a comlete self taught novice I found it all quite confusing. Something as "simple" as polar aligning seems like a complete nightmare, not to mention tracking objects thereafter. I was advised that this type of mount was easy to use and perfect for novice's. I really need help and advice with my set up and wonder if I should hassle a local Astrononmy group. I really don't want to get frustrated with the scope before I have given it a good chance.
  3. Thank you for your advice. I will take care before I buy anything. If I find one at a reasonable price I may ask for you opinion again. ( If that's OK )
  4. HI, This is kind of piggy backed onto JohnJ's earlier post. Basically I have read a couple of articles from people stating that they do not like to use Barlowe lenses. Is it worth investing in one as I have the standard 20mm and 10mm ep's that came with my Celestron 130 scope. If so what would you reccomend ?
  5. Question for Jahmanson, Do you reccomend using barlowe lenses, and which would you suggest ?
  6. Hi. Congratulaions kevin, what an echievement. Any chance you could post your image of M31 on here. I only got a fleeting glimps of the end of the show
  7. Whatever your opinion is I suppose it's got people talking. Lets just hope that this is the first of many such programmes, we could do with more astronomy shows on the telly.
  8. Wicked picture Chris. Thanks for posting it for us.
  9. Wow ! i get so excited about pic's like this. I am looking forward in the future to taking my own photo's, got to get to grips with the basics first though. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  10. Hi. I have always enjoyed looking skyward to the stars, but couldn't believe the view I got of the moon through my littlle nephews toy like Tasco telescope. Just blew my mind and opened up a whole new world to me.
  11. Boom Boom !! Very poor but it made me chuckle to myself.
  12. Hi Tim . I also have a Celestron 130 eq. I have only just had a chance to use it due to some breaks in the cloud cover, you will not be dissapointed. You are so right about being at sea for star gazing. I sometimes get the opportunity to go and sail around the north Agean with my friend on his yacht, I have never seen so many stars as when we have been moored in some remote island bay with absolutlely no light pollution.........damn I want to go on holiday again! bet the wife won't let me though. ( she hates sailing ) All the best and have fun with the 130eq
  13. Sounds like your friend is crazy ! Don't suppose they have any other scopes hidden away that they don't use lol ! Congrats and have fun .
  14. I like these images, I am hoping to have a crack at doing my own soon. Keep it up and promise to post back , if I get any i will share them with you too.
  15. Ewok


    Hi Mark. I also couldn't beleive my luck in finding this forum. Everyone is very polite,pleasant and extremely helpful. Good louck with making you decision on your scope etc.
  16. Hi Solidedge. A very happy new year to yourself also.
  17. Hi Darrell. First of all you have a great job , I'm not jealous honest . I too have Just started out as you have and my wife has just bought me a Celestron AstroMaster 130 EQ. I haven't been able to use mine either yet (too many clouds above Bradford) but I geuss all good things come to those who wait. All the best.
  18. As a beginner to astronomy I found it to be extremely interesting. I don't really like J.Ross much anyway and found him to be quite childish. However for those of us setting out that particular VT was informative and very welcome. It would also of been nice if Dara hadn't interrupted Proffesor Cox quite as much, quite often at key moments. Still enjoyed it though, looking forward to tonight.
  19. Thanks everyone. I have downloaded Stallerium and also got the natty little app as well. I am going to check out your other suggestions also, and see which I think I would be most comfortable with. Thanks again really appreciate the help.
  20. Hi everyone. Thought I should really start to "gen up" on things before I start observing in earnest. I really want to buy a good star atlas, but I am not sure as to which would be most suitable for me as a complete novice, and also because some of them appear to be quite pricey. Any suggestions on which to purchase, or on any other literature which may be of help would be appreciated indeed.
  21. Ewok


    Thanks Magic77 and Hi to you too. some extremely polite people in this forum.
  22. Ewok


    Hi Ian123, Sorry to hear that , I promise never to mention it again. Things can only get better. Thanks also to yourself for the welcome.
  23. Ewok


    Thanks James, I suppose that you've heard that a thousand times already . ( told you I was a newb ) You are quite right also, the skies were quite clear up until looking to buy my scope. Anyway, as you say " fingers crossed "! Thanks for the warm welcome from yourself and all of you other kind people.
  24. Ewok


    Hi, I'm new too. Good to know there's a few of us newbies embarking on this journey together !
  25. Ewok


    Hi everyone ! I too am I complete newbie and am aching to get some really good viewing in. Unfortunatley it been so cloudy and foggy I've yet to see a thing. I was hoping to see the asteriod shower tonight but looking doubtful, it's just not fair ! Looking forward to gleening some good advice and heplful tips too if that's Ok ?
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