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  1. Wow you lot are very critical! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with expressing opinions :D

    I think we should celebrate the fact that the programme exists at all and appears popular enough to have been made again this year. I also think they should leave how to's to the Sky at Night to be honest. Showing how an eq mount is setup would be too dry for most people I suspect. This programme is more about kindling interest, nothing more. Once you've done that, people will go off and find out how to do the technical stuff. I do think it's worth spending a couple of minutes going outside the studio to people saying, "Wow!". Other peoples enthusiasm is often infectious! Again, this kindles interest.

    Regarding astro photography, they did consistently mention that photograph X took 2 hours exposure, and briefly mentioned stacking of a video in Back to Earth.

    Perhaps some feel the title of Stargazing Live is misleading. Well they're stuck with that now and I don't think we should take it literally.

    Cheer up you lot :)


    Fair enough I suppose.

  2. It's as good as the person using it.

    Personally I've always managed fine with whatever optical finder has come free with the scope I've been using, but these things are a matter of individual taste and preference.

    I use the finder to aim the scope at a naked eye star, then use a low power eyepiece and a good map to get to the desired target. A telrad or gun-sight would do just as well for initial aiming. Important thing, IMHO, is the map.

    Fair comment but the finder supplied in this instance is notoriously poor and can be very frustrating for any budding astronomer.

  3. The thing is, I've never tried any other EP other than ones that my scope come with, so I won't know if it's going to be worth the £37 I paid for it :/

    Hi John,

    It sounds to me that you have pretty much convinced yourself that it's dodgy.

    If I were you I WOULD return it just for peace of mind, there are too many questions to be answered with it, £37 is a lot of money really.

    Better safe than sorry IMHO.

  4. Hi Luna 2011,

    I got rid of the "star finder from my 130eq" almost straight away.

    I can honestly say that the Telrad is the best purchase I have made yet, simply fantastic. I also bought a separate base for my 200p dob so that I can swap from scope to scope. Check Rother Valley Optics out, they are the cheapest I could find in the UK.

    There is a thread somwhere on here also that shows you how to make your own dew sheild, comes complete with template and full instrctions. I will try and dig out out for you.

  5. Whilst out on patrol the other night I saw an amazing display at a house on my beat. I was about to take a picture to show my wife ( she loves this sort of thing ), when the curtains flickered and all of the lights abruptly swithched off and the large inflatable snowman slumped into a sad pile. I guess they saw the word police and instantly thought there had been some kind of complaint, even though its not an offence to have Chrimbo lights. Maybe I could do a drive by past your neighbours house to see if it has the same affect.:):icon_rendeer:

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