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  1. Good show, not enough " stargazing live " for me
  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic night. My friend is a "indoor recorder" , I just prefer to get outside and freeze to death. Each to their own I suppose. Glad you had a good night with m81 & m82.
  3. Nothing wrong with them Scott, well done.
  4. My wife got me a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20X70 bins. Very nice !!
  5. This is perfect for you. See a chap there called Dr. Neil Sprote. He is an extreemly nice chap and is more than willing to help. They stock all of the main brands and have different telescopes on display.
  6. Fair comment but the finder supplied in this instance is notoriously poor and can be very frustrating for any budding astronomer.
  7. Hi John, It sounds to me that you have pretty much convinced yourself that it's dodgy. If I were you I WOULD return it just for peace of mind, there are too many questions to be answered with it, £37 is a lot of money really. Better safe than sorry IMHO.
  8. I got a cheshire from Rother Valley Optics - £25
  9. Hi Luna 2011, I got rid of the "star finder from my 130eq" almost straight away. I can honestly say that the Telrad is the best purchase I have made yet, simply fantastic. I also bought a separate base for my 200p dob so that I can swap from scope to scope. Check Rother Valley Optics out, they are the cheapest I could find in the UK. There is a thread somwhere on here also that shows you how to make your own dew sheild, comes complete with template and full instrctions. I will try and dig out out for you.
  10. This is brilliant, I may steal this idea. I wonder if maybe a velcro tab or something, such as the ones used on tents may be a good way to secure the canvas to the frame.
  11. Lovely ep. Lets hope its cloud free in Crete, crossing my fingers for you.
  12. Whilst out on patrol the other night I saw an amazing display at a house on my beat. I was about to take a picture to show my wife ( she loves this sort of thing ), when the curtains flickered and all of the lights abruptly swithched off and the large inflatable snowman slumped into a sad pile. I guess they saw the word police and instantly thought there had been some kind of complaint, even though its not an offence to have Chrimbo lights. Maybe I could do a drive by past your neighbours house to see if it has the same affect.
  13. Hi Fuzzy & Eddy, Welcome to SGL and hope you enjoy your 130p ( make sure you get well wrapped up, I nearly got hypothermia the other night )
  14. Sorry to hear about this. But you can alsways come back to astronomy if you feel the urge later on down the road, I'm sure the stars won't hold it against you. All the best for Christmas and the new year anyhow.
  15. I have been at work all night , I kept on stopping my patrol car and having a peak when possible. I have seen three Geminids, would have liked to look for longer but duty beckoned ! Got the next four nights off so cant wait to get in some well deserved stargazing.
  16. I want to frame this and put it in my living room.
  17. Fishing boots ( don't know exact brand ). Insulated and fully waterproof, only £18 at my local tackle shop.
  18. I will have to try and convince my wife to take a trip out, a bribe might be in order.
  19. Looks pretty nice to me. Just think what you can do with a scope
  20. I had this problem and as suggested earlier I used a decent sized Jubilee clip, does the job just fine.
  21. Hi Neville, I agree its pretty damn good isn't it!
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