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  1. Thanks for all the input guys, I'm definitely going to look at splitting the sale. I can at least post the individual eyepieces that way and only have to offer collection for the dob itself. I'm not in a rush to sell so it doesn't matter to me if it takes a while.
  2. Would I stand a better chance of selling my astronomy gear as one whole package or is it normally better to split scope vs eyepieces? I'm currently trying to sell my 250px Auto on ABS but I have it down as one lot. Aimed at the target audience on ABS and not ebay is it better to split? Thanks Chris
  3. Any 250px owners out there using a telrad and a shroud? If so which shroud do you use and how is your telrad attached? I was using a modified 10" Astro Engineering shroud which did the job but wasn't perfect, I have since decided to attach my telrad to the scope and because of the limited space at the top of the 250px the shroud no longer fits at all. Does the 12" AE shroud or the Astrozap fit ok with the telrad?
  4. I had thought about that route but it does also mean starting the astronomy course next year. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it may be the right choice but if I can get up to speed while studying AA1051 that may be my preference
  5. Yes I have been checking through it. I have just sent an email to see how much of a requirement it is. Its certain aspects like trig that I'll be either extremely rusty on or not have a clue. Really wish I'd have paid more attention at school rather than chasing girls and playing sports
  6. Does everyone that has been accepted meet the criteria for the maths requirement? I'm interested in doing something like this but never put any effort into my GCSEs so I miss out on the C grade requirement.
  7. This is all I get... Cleared all browser history and still get the same.
  8. Not looking good to me either... "Cash advance & Debt consolidation..."
  9. Ideally I would prefer to buy from FLO so I guess a private sale would be the only option for that. I do have a telrad and shroud with it so I suppose those extras would be more appreciated from a private buyer.
  10. I have in the back of my mind that I want to upgrade my 250PX auto to a C9.25 for several reasons. Is a private sale usually the best way to go about this and if so does anyone have an idea on what my telescope may be worth? I noticed telescope outlet had one recently for £499. Has anyone had much success with part exchanges with shops? Does anyone else do it apart from astronomia? Thanks
  11. Also worth checking astroboot in case one comes up
  12. My current eyepiece collection only goes as far as the 7/12 and 25mm Xcel LX eyepieces. These tend to suit me well with my 250px but I can't tell if I'm missing out on some wide field goodness that the 32mm panaview can bring. As I am happy with my 25mm would the 32mm be a worthwhile purchase or would it leave the 25mm redundant? Thanks
  13. Our street lights are still off at present although there have been plenty of petitions doing the rounds to switch them back on. Only a few weeks ago we had a large spate of burglaries in the village(9 in one night) all during the time the lights were out according to local police. Coincidence or not it will help the argument for those wanting them back on...
  14. Didn't realise these were so cheap. For £3.99 it does look like the better option!
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