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  1. If I end up with an i3/i5 notebook, many ship with 64-bit Windows 7. Hence the question. For netbook I am sure you are right with 32-bit. Is Windows 7 Starter edition enough or would I want Home Edition or ?? Airglow
  2. Thank you Glider. Is Windows 7 64-bit as well as 32-bit supported do you know across the software you refer to?
  3. I will be using an Apple Mac for image processing, stacking, etc. For telescope control, guiding, cameral control I want to use a new PC. I have a Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Synscan mount and Canon 300D/30D cameras. 1. Is a netbook up for the job or should I go for an i3 or i5 notebook? I want to keep it to a small footprint, no bigger than a 13" screen. 2. New machines are Windows 7 - many only offer Windows 7 64-bit. Is 64-bit problematic for some astro device drivers and software? I haven't selected which software to use yet either. Many thanks, Airglow
  4. Thanks Michael, good feedback and not something I had considered. Hmm, I'm interested in feedback from others on the FOV - perhaps I should go for less magnification? Thanks also for the article, I had not seen that one. Chris
  5. Hi, I am trying to decide between two pairs of binoculars that I have shortlisted for general astronomy use (when we don't setup the Skywatcher Explorer 200P). I want to be able to hand hold them most of the time, I only want to buy one pair and have them last a long time and remain high quality over their lifetime. I have narrowed down to: 10x50 Opticron Imagic TGA WP Porro Prism or 10x50 Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II Both are similar price. Both are probably as good as eachother, but if anyone has preference, I'd be pleased to hear it - both appear to be highly thought of on the forum(s). Thanks, Chris
  6. I'm quite a newbie myself but have read many reviews that express these opinions: 1. For eyepieces, perhaps a a low say 32mm, medium 18mm and high power 6mm. The most highly regarded eyepieces are TeleVue (TeleVue Eyepieces) so have a look at them. 2. You may want to look at equtorial mounts as they tend to be stronger, if going 'premium' Equtorial then the EQ6 is well respected (Skywatcher). I can't comment about other mounts. 3. For a barlow I have heard good things about the Celestron (Barlows - Celestron Ultima Barlow) but others should be able to help you with that 4. To be honest both have advantages, I have both and swap between them. Hope this helps Airglow
  7. Glad to hear that you took the plunge, from what I've heard the 130P is a great starting scope, but be prepared for a long wait for the clouds to clear so you can use it! Airglow
  8. Airglow


    Welcome To SGL Airglow
  9. There are some stunning photos there swag72 I love that M31. How many photos do you have stacked there? Airglow
  10. For deep space photography the mount is half the battle, the HEQ5 (Skywatcher - Skywatcher HEQ5) is considered the most basic mount for astrophotography (from what I have read) as it is strong, stable and motor driven. You may want to check out the deep sky imaging section (Imaging - Deep Sky - Stargazers Lounge) to see what people are using and the kinda stuff they are getting from it. Hope this helps, Airglow
  11. Yes you will, well if you want to deep sky then for sure. What mount do you currently have? Airglow
  12. Hi Ste, Please someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that dob's were not recommended for astrophotography? Perhaps on those grounds I would probably look at a ED80 (Pro Series - Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro OTA) on at least a HEQ5 mount. Half the battle with astrophotography is the mount so with a stable and strong tracking mount I would think you would be OK - but I'm only a newbie Good luck. Airglow
  13. Hi and welcome to SGL everyone is very helpful here so if you need to ask about a scope post a thread and everyone will be more than happy to help. Translations can be found in the astropedia: AstroPedia Airglow
  14. Im looking at getting the 8mm with the tuning rings soon as i have the money so be sure to tell us what you think. Airglow
  15. Airglow


    Thank you i love my scope. Isn't that what the whole forum wants clear skies! Thanks Airglow
  16. That EQ7 is :eek: there are going to be a lot of EQ6's for sale in the near future! Airglow
  17. Thank you for all your suggestions and help. It seems Norton and the S&T pocket atlas are the popular choices. Airglow
  18. Thanks - I already have Stellarium. I want a star altlas so that I could take it out as I don't want to take the laptop on a cold night. The Norton atlas looks interesting, is it easy to use? Airglow
  19. Good evening, I was wondering whether any of you could recommend a star atlas for observing. So recommendations please, what you use and why? Thanks in advance Airglow
  20. Yes, got about 45 mins tonight before the cloud. Airglow
  21. I will have a look next time its clear, so no time soon! Airglow
  22. Airglow


    Again thank you all for warm welcome, and Stolenfether i am happy to have helped Airglow
  23. Airglow


    Thank you all for your warm welcome, seems there are many newbies To start your own thread, click the "new thread" button on the top left of the page. Hope this helps Airglow
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