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  1. Thanks for the replies. Received this interesting "link" in a reply to my similar topic on "Cloudy Nights" : http://www.lpod.org/archive/LPOD-2004-11-19.htm
  2. Mine is the the 1992 (Astronomy) edition by Kalmbach Publishing.
  3. Yes I've seen them and those on Amazon.com and Abebooks !! What is the "jist" of the preface to your revised edition ?
  4. Just purchased a nice copy of the original edition of the Atlas of the Moon by Antonin Rukl on eBay for the princely sum of £20.38 and wondered what are the differences between that and the later revised and updated 2007 edition ? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. How do you actually "turn it" to "vary" it ?
  6. I have a WO Megrez 90 with a 2" : 1.25" Adapter, a 2" diagonal and and Televue 1.25" and 2" Eye-pieces. My questions are: 1. Would it be best to get a 1.25" or a 2" VPF? 2. How do you attach and use thIs type of filter ? 3. Any videos about VPF's anywhere. Many thaks and sorry to be "thick" !
  7. I ordered a Tele Vue Brass Equalizer from Altair on 18 April 2011 and received a confirmatory email. My subsequent emails and telephone calls (as to progress / delivery) have been ignored. As I am fed up with "wasting my time", I have today via landline, mobile and email cancelled my order and will now look elsewhere for a more professional company to take my business. Avoid this company at all costs, their "customer service" (sic !!) is totally non-existant !!
  8. Hi James, Just ordered the Sky at Night (makes 6 items) "kit" (£9.99) from (as mentiuoned in the article) Rapid. Free postage offer if you spent over £10, so I also ordered a few "spares". Thanks for your help !
  9. Hi, Does anyone know a UK supplier for the red flashing LED's that attach to each of the legs of a tripod, to avoid tripping over it ? Are they any good ? Cheers.
  10. Hi, Came across these (variable) lights from Rigel Systems which are specifically designed for astronomers and are strongly recommended by our American friends. Does anyone know if they are available in the UK ? Cheers.
  11. Hi, What are generally considered to be the "Rolls Royce" of: 1. Red light hand torches. 2. Red light head torches. Cheers.
  12. Hi. Received a 9mm T6 Nagler this morning from Green Witch (outstanding service as usual) and it came with a black cap (without TV logo) at the (larger) "eye end" and a black cap (with TV logo) at the (smaller) "barrel end". Green Witch confirmed this configuration was "factory fresh - as supplied by TV" Cheers.
  13. Thanks Brian - just wondered what are the other reasons you don't like them ? Cheers.
  14. Hi, Which is most suitable for use in a 90mm refractor: Baader ND96 - 0.6, 0.9, 1.8 or 3.0 ? Cheers.
  15. What is best for use in a WO Megrez 90 F558mm under LP conditions, for planetary and lunar observations: TV 3-6 Nagler Zoom or just buying a single ("say" 4mm) Radian ? The Zoom is about £100 dearer in the present TV sale, but just wonder if under UK viewing conditions it is worth paying the extra and would it get used enough ? Many thanks
  16. Recently ordered and (very speedily in 3 days) received a Tele-Optic Giro 3 mount and Berlebach UN128 tripod from Telescope Services. Without question their absolutely first class customer service, in (most speedily and patiently) resolving a myriad of my email enquiries prior to purchase, was the best I have ever received. Patick Woitala is an absolute "star" and a first class "advert" for the professional, effective, efficient and helpful ethos of this company. I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM UNEQUIVOCALLY !! :happy7:
  17. Would be interested to hear what they say, if they "get back" to you. Cheers.
  18. Quote "If you try and buy some new ones with logos on you might be shocked at the price ........... or maybe not, these are Tele Vue after all " Just wondered how much they actually cost and who sells them (official black with logo) in the Uk, or is it that you have to go "direct" to TV in the USA ? Cheers !
  19. "The 24mm Panoptic is small, relatively light, 1.25"-format and a terrific eyepiece in a small refractor - you'd be unlikely to be disappointed. Really very different to the Ethos on many levels though". Woul be interested to know, on what (specific) "levels" is it different ? Many thanks.
  20. "The 24mm Panoptic is small, relatively light, 1.25"-format and a terrific eyepiece in a small refractor - you'd be unlikely to be disappointed." Thanks for the reply. Would a 24 or 27 Pan also work ok with a 2.5x Barlow and, if so, would a TV "interface" be required ? Cheers !
  21. Thinking of "breaking the bank" and buying an E21 as my "low power" EP for use under LP urban skies. Would this hefty (36oz) EP be suitable, in terms of size, weight, balance issues etc, to use with a WO Megrez 90 on a Giro 3 mount with (4.5kg) counterweight on a Berlebach UNI28 tripod, or would it be more practical (and cheaper !) to consider "say" a 24 or 27 Pan ? Cheers !
  22. Thanks for your further comments - appreciated !
  23. Many thanks for the last 2 replies, but I am still confused as the 2 (obviously experienced and knowledgable) observers have given totally different opinions !
  24. Hi, Can anyone answer the question I posed previously ? Is it better to have the option of 2 magnifications (with the Nagler 9mm T6)) or 1 magnification (with the 4mm Radian) - which is better for planets the 9 (with Barlow) or the 4 "on its own" ? Cheers. ?
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