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  1. Ok will do Shep , I've also been looking at the one
  2. I know , one just highjacked my thread Lol
  3. Horus

    Hello all.....

    Thanks Nick ! And others , good to be here
  4. Hi Shep , No I havnt yet too busy. I have looked at their website and their forum is very quite unlike this one lol. I'll probably get my scope at the end of this month after speaking to a couple of members first.
  5. As a newbie to the hobby I felt it came across with enthusiasm and made me go straight outside ......oh I can't wait to get mt telescope ! Can't wait until tommorow nights show
  6. Thanks guys as usual you have all been most helpful !
  7. Can't wait... This is good timing for me and others starting our new hobby !
  8. Hi Peter , I'm there from the 17th and staying at the Gran Melia hotel in the south of the island . Where are you staying ?
  9. Hi guys , could I have some titles for Begginers in Astronomy and astrophotography please Richard
  10. Horus

    Hello all.....

    Hi Dan 30 yrs mate I've been running my own practice for 5 yrs now. My offices are on Witham . Ps I'm a season pass holder btw
  11. Hi Matt I'm of to Tenerife in a couple of weeks
  12. Hi Alan , my local photographic dealer ( the one who knows very little ) told me to stay clear ? This is one of the reasons for this post I need more info a guidance from you good people
  13. Thank you I'll be here for the forseeable future lol, I'll probably b ordering something soon. What have you opted to go for ?
  14. Horus

    Hello all.....

    Hi Frooby I do actually live in Hull ( Red & White side ) we should meet up for coffee one day as we have a lot in common.
  15. I know from a few posts already received that a phone call to FLO is in order on Tuesday or if anyone from that store comes on here a PM would be nice. However before I do that I need my appetite wetting and just wondered what members thoughts would be on the type of set might be best for me ( don't worry I won't hold anyone ) . I would like to use my camera so one suited to camera adaption is needed. I've been to told to stay clear of " Go to" models ? And I have a budget of around £600 approx. The other very confusing issue is Reflector or Refractor ? I wait in anticipation your replies Richard
  16. Thanks Ant, you all seem like a helpful bunch and look forward to posting my Progresss
  17. Thanks Neil I would like t o look and photograph the moon and also the space station. The space station is orbiting over us at the moment and I don't know how longer longer it will maintain it's current orbit . So a telescope to look at both are my requirements
  18. Horus

    Hello all.....

    I'd like to introduce myself , I'm Richard and live in East Yorkshire Nr Hull. I'm 49 and a self employed Architect . I've have a passion for astronomy gained from my late father and only now have decided to carry on the mantle. I have posted a few questions in the beginners forum for some help please. Regards Richard
  19. Hi guys finally registered and champing at the bit. I'm about to take up this hobby after 40 years . My father was a keen amateur astronomer and just before he died a couple of years ago bought me an Omega Speedmaster Moon watch ( I'm a watch collector ) and his old telescope but unfortunately was beyond repair. So I'm wishing to purchase a telescope to use with my digital SLR camera ( I'm I being to ambitious? ) I've been to my local camera shop and he was clueless giving me a an Optical Vision catalogue and now I'm even more confused. My budget is approx £600 can someone please point me in the right direction. Also is there a local club in the Hull area ? Regards Richard
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