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  1. Telescope looks same like my Celestar 8 deluxe -99, i updated my telescopes mount 2 years ago to Celestron cg5 goto. Optical quality is very good. Mine original mount get problems with declination motor and hand control, propably electronics, i havent ask for spare parts. RA motor is still working. Anyway update for goto mount is simple task and if you get good deal, you can go for it.
  2. Yes, tomorrow we have a chance to see eclipse, but weather forecast here looks quite bad, promising snowfall and-15.At sotkamo level Sun will rise 10.19 and maximum eclipce abt. 10.56, sun is only 2deg from horizon, so you will neew a good clear view to horizon, lake or higher hill. Here at imatra level sun will rise earlier, 9.20, eclipse first contact 9.35 I will send you pm
  3. Hello John We have at least 38 astronomy societies here in Finland, i have been member of local south carelian astronomical society "South Carelian Nova" Tähtitieteen harrastusta Etelä-Karjalassa and head society "Ursa" from year 1979. English pages I hope you have enjoyed visiting Finland at wintertime, Sotkamo is about 450km north from place i live, Imatra. Weather today here is -15C and Sunshine through thin clouds.
  4. Unfortunatly i don't have that long refractor anymore. I made optics and mechanics -95, with very limited budget, my friend made optical desing for that telescope with his program. It was mounted on wooden tripod, simple alt-atz design. Lens was made of BK7 and F2 (if i remember right), air spaced doublet. Focal lenght 2250mm. I sold refractor to my othetr astronomy friend -96, because of moving to other town. I called to my friend few weeks ago, he still have it but havent use it much, maybe i should try to buy it back:)
  5. Hi Astronomy people I'm Rauno, 44 y male from south-eastern Finland. Astronomy has been part of my life since 10y old boy, mainly watching sky, first with naked eye, binoculars and telescopes. I get my first telescope abt 11y (50x500 astronomical telescope:D still have it) after that 3" ret reflector, diy 200mm dobson, 250mm diy reflector, 150mm f15 achromatic refractor (with lot of frustrating to polish 4 surface). Nowadays i have C8, SW 120 equinox ed (new baby, just arrived never seen stars because of cloydy weather) wo zs80ed. Astrophotography is my biggest inteterest now at astronomy, i get interested to hobby again at this autumn, after taking pics with wo and Celestron CG5 Goto. Link to my pics: Picasa Web Albums - Ransu Koiranen - tähtikuvia Rauno Päivinen
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