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  1. If your wife thinks you are spending too much money for your hobby, start watching used Ferrari's from internet. Dont say anything for your wife, close pages quickly when she came up (you have to let her see that you're hiding something) Print images from used cars and leave accidentally to your table, write some info for them. like "inc new tires and 3000£ carbon rims" When your wife gets angry and want explanation, tell her that you want your dream from childhood come true and you have found good 2'nd hand 348GTB, only for 35k£, plus maybe 5-7k£ for maintenance, spareparts etc. When she get's mad of your announcement, give up her little by little and make a deal from new astrostuff. Just kidding:)
  2. Very smart and cost effective DIY solution. Thanks for sharing.
  3. it's worth to check that your polar alignment scope's is correctly aligned. I had issue with that last winter.
  4. Very good looking comet. I will try also next night, it's clear now. Only problem is that sky will not be dark here. At saturday SQM shows 16.4.. not even near to call dark. But i will try anyway, lets see what i can find there.
  5. I think this is good way to lift your eq head. (Just assemble threaded bars and nuts upside down when you look the Freff's picture.) You are now using M14 bolts and nuts, you can easily change them M16, free hole for M16 thread is 14.5mm, so you propably can jus make M16 threads on bottom plate, depending free size of holes in plate. Then twist threated bars in plate and lock them from upper side with nuts. On upper plate you need to make free holes bigger, maybe 18-19mm is good size, allowing easy adjustment. I have use M20 bars in mine. M14 is not very commonly used size here, standards recommend M12, M16 and M20. Actually i cant find easily M14 here, M16 nuts, bolts washers you can find from any stores that sells nuts and bolts.
  6. Observing sky with binoculars is very joyful thing to do. Only problem is that your hands soon start to shake because weight of binos. I have used photography tripod, but it is allways too low or very difficult to watch higher in the sky. Because of solid set up of my CGEM mount in observatory, i had one extra tripod without use. I checked models, and done this one for binocular use. Material is "tempered" aspen, spesial treatment where wood is heated in 180C with steam, giving it beautiful brown colour and better resistance against water. Material cost for aspen was 20€ from local shop. Bolts, nuts etc. 10€. Also use some recycled parts from old towel drying stand, counterveight and chromed handlebar. I add one layer of osmocolor clear wood oil to bring material more living. My son testing tripod: Lay down position: Stand up position Closer look to bino head: PTFE bearing
  7. Very good looking Observatory Malcolm. It is very fast to start observe, and nice to have placer for astro stuff:)
  8. I buy Samsung NS310 netbook for astronomy. So far everything else works fine but can't get Neximage working. I downloaded sp900nc w7 drivers from Philips site, but can't get camera running. File that i downloaded from philips site does seems to include only Vista named drivers. Nothing named to W7.. I will be happy if anyone can help with this issue. EDIT: problem solved, everything is working now. I have foud Neximage's drivers very tricky to get working. Have done same fight with three computer now and always it takes 1 day. Last night i tried PHD guiding with neximage and bright star. Netbook is very good for that:)
  9. Thank You Anna for sharing your knowledge:icon_salut: I just watched first part. Very useful lesson for me, i am "try to learn hard way" Photoshop novise.
  10. Beautiful drawing, Sun is very intresting now.
  11. Very promising results, finding similar tech for photoshop would be nice
  12. Wide roof overhang is old building tradition here, it is for protecting buildings from rain and snow, less problems with moisture in structures if you get water more far from walls:) btw Gina, you are planning to get Evostar 80 ED DS Pro in future, i would like to recommend you buy Equinox, rotable focuser is extreme useful thing with german equatorial mount. Its far more easy to get good viewing position:)
  13. Thank's for everyone:) Steve, you're welcome, i'm very happy for you if you can make your dreams come true:)
  14. Lazy to add new topic, so i use this one, anyway it is part of my obsy. I didn't have good adjustable Observing Chair and i didn't find any good commercial products so i made this one. Made of 28x95mm spruce, product made for Sauna benches. Total cost 12€ And 95kg test load by owner:D
  15. Good progress Gina, looks nice:)
  16. WOW! Impressive work. You need a big observatory for that clock:D
  17. Sorry Nadeem, i think i misunderstand your question:D I have only short experience of CGEM, my earlier mount was CG5-GT. So far i'm happy with new one, and comparing these two CGEM is: +much more solid +better building quality +goto is way more accurate, last night i done again polar aligning and watched binary stars, goto shows 90% star in field of view using 5mm Baader eudiascopic eyepiece and Equinox 120 +goto is quiet +polar aling possibility with any star. I have used that one, because of light nights. Can't see Polaris and big dipper stars witn N.E yet. Dislike: -hand controller cable is 1/2 meter too short. I have to find extension for that. So far i'm happy, i don't have experience of Skywatcher or other manufacturers goto mount's so i can't make comparing to them.
  18. Very good- and pro looking Observatory Malcolm. Congratulations!
  19. Thanks Nadeem, i buy CGEM from Telescope Service this summer and piersystems are DIY
  20. Almost finished Finnish observatory now:D Outside now: I lifted EQ head 250mm, height is good now for Refractors and C8, with newtonian i need to use chair. I used M20 threated bar and "long nuts" to make it rigid. Today was rainy and i done some teenage tuning for my guidescopes, SW ST80 and Celestron 102/660 Fisheye view from upwards:
  21. Thanks for sharing Kev, you have reach amazing results in short time:) I have to try tomorrow with Canon and Baader zoom. Today i also get some progress and made first composite image of sun. Coronado PST, Celestron Neximage and 2X barlow:
  22. Your mod looks very good so far, interesting to wait more.. btw, sketches at your blog are awesome, and i like those dobsons too
  23. I own Equinox 120 and i'm very happy with it. It gives very goog image, last night i looked double stars with it and really enjoy. I also read abt. focuser issues before i buy it, but i find that focuser is good enough for my Canon EOS1000D. Maybe worth of change if you use filterwheel and bigger camera. Rotating focuser is easy to use and does not need any locking mechanism. I separated focuser from tube and added a little drop of lubrication oil to threads. It's easy to do, just twist open. I know one example from Finland that Equinox had pinched optics, giving triangle shape star images, but i think it's not very common? If you buy one, you can ask selling company to test optics first. I got test results when i buy mine from Teleskop Service.
  24. Thanks Spaceboy! My shed just closed for tonight, i made polar alignment for CGEM and equinox get tour of double stars, nothing else to see here yet. Everything works fine and i enjoyed abt 15 "twins". I used 3.8mm baader eudiascopic. Very nice views:) I tried also M13 and M57, but didn't see anything, too much light.
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