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  1. Well the weather hasn't been great so I've not had a chance to use this baby since I bought it. The counter weights have come in handy for glueing things down in my model railway hobby though. BUT tonight I noticed clear skies and Jupiter holding hands with the Moon so had to have a look. WOW just WOW!!!..........I never thought I would see a planet in so much detail! Even the Mrs was impressed I stuck my Canon 6D on and fired off a few shots. This one being the best. I'm so happy!
  2. Sadly I'm only a 3 Our street lights go off around midnight so it might improve
  3. I've seen loads of people post images and say they consist of x amount of 'subs' but I have no idea what they are. I've just watched a very good video by Forrest Tanaka who explains 'Light' 'Dark' and 'Bias' frames but doesn't mention these 'subs'. So what are subs? Thanks
  4. No I like that idea I have plenty of torches knocking around.
  5. Cheap white light led torches are available anywhere and are very bright. Are red light torches for the purposes of astronomy a lot dimmer? What is a good cheap one to get? Thanks Steve
  6. Great link. I'll give my verdict when the clouds have done one
  7. Thanks guys, Well it arrived yesterday, or should I say I had to collect it as I wasn't in and Parcelforce took it back to their depot . I suppose it was rather large to leave with a neighbour :/ Anyway, I just put it together and WOW. This ain't no toy is it! That finderscope is almost as big as my old Tasco LOL. I have a couple of queries though for those that have this and the instructions weren't that great. There were only 2 knobs supplied to fit to the RA and Dec adjusters. Is this correct or do I have a 3rd missing as there is an RA adjuster eith
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Some useful info on here
  9. After using my old Tasco Galaxee properly for the first time on Friday night, I quickly found its main limitation. That being that you can't turn the tube which leads to all sorts of uncomfortable and impossible viewing positions. So I just got the green light from the Mrs to buy myself a Skywatcher 200P with EQ5 mount Can't wait for the next clear night
  10. Well I found out they're called setting circles and this video which kind of explains it.
  11. Hi, I've got the bug again after 5 years and have my scope set up, polar aligned and in the 'home' position. If I look at Stellarium and click on an object, it comes up with loads of info at the top left including position info and none of it makes much sense to me. Which figures should I be looking at in order to aim my cheap crappy Tasco in the right direction? Thanks
  12. Not been here for a few years but Comet Catalina had me dusting off my scope Needless to say I couldn't find it (Catalina that is) but I have been recently testing out my new Tamron 150-600 on the Moon
  13. Yes, I did try that but it shows up my lack of focusing skills more. It's blumming hard to manual focus at 400mm with 10x live view and with the moon drifting out of the frame. Thanks for the comments guys.
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