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  1. Thank you for your detailed response. I’m only interested in EAA too. Lots of queries answered, in particular the use of the non-cooled version of ASI294 at the rear end makes sense now! I’m completely new to all things camera related and in fact have not had my C8 edge HD for much more than 6 months. Would you say cooling is less of a requirement for EAA?
  2. How are you finding your 8” evolution + hyperstar + asi294 combo? Ive got the 8” evolution and looking to purchase hyperstar and most likely the asi294. however, going by the online astronomy tools calculator, it suggests that the asi294 would be under sampled in this combination. Is this something you’ve experienced in reality? I’d be keen to hear your experiences with this setup. Also, using the asi294 with the Nightowl reducer - would there be sufficient clearance at the mount when the scope is near zenith?
  3. Hi, I’m in Fernhill Heath too and I’m also finding that light pollution seems to be getting worse. So much so that I’m considering EAA to be able to see more from my back garden! In terms of local dark sites, I’ve spoken to one of the local farmland owners in the area who owns a couple of decent looking locations to observe from. Once lockdown is over I’d like to try one of theses locations out and will report back. It’s in the area between Porters Mill and Hadley.
  4. i think i saw the same one.... about 10-10.15ish? Over near Sirius? Monster!
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