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  1. Pretty sure I've missed the focus a bit and might be pushing my diddy scope just a tad too far. Possibly collimation needs looking at as well. I'll assume everyone can tell which Mars was rendered in Stellarium...
  2. Morning all, Still enjoying imaging with a nice budget setup A mosaic of Wednesday nights wzxing gibbous moon, with 3xbarlow views of Crater Eratosthenes and Montes Pennius, Crater Clavius and Crater Plato with Montes Aples. Mosaic panels from 100 frame videos using Avistack and merged in PS. Close-ups were the best frames of 3 seperate videos, again merged in Avistack and image tweaks in PS. A night of very good seeing - but blumming cold on the north coast of West Cornwall.
  3. Managed a complete a waning gibbous mosaic - did miss a tiny portion of the outer edge of the moon, but image editing solved that particular issue Webcam for the mosaic and a 3xBarlow for the crater.
  4. In addition to the DEC motion, eventually it starts moving again, so the error isn't related to arriving at the limit of movement for that particular control.
  5. Morning all, having some issues recently with my mount and hoping someone here can help... (please forgive my use of incorrect terminology, still learning the lingo...). Recently I seem to be experiencing an issue where the slow motion cable for the RA axis doesn't actually seem to be moving. There's some play in the metal part that houses the worm gear, that means, most of the time, the gear isn't actually anywhere near the orange gear to make it move (pic attached). I'm hoping there's some nut, bolt, clutch or something that needs adjusting to make it work again... The same pretty goes for
  6. Webcam captured and some fairly aggressive processing to get the detail out of the larger view.
  7. I used to think the seeing was good generally, but during the last session the view of Jupiter was significantly crisper than usual. It seems that the main problems were seeing conditions and difficulty in focusing with barlows (nice blurry centered doughnut, so it appears collimation isn't an issue). Cheers for your help.
  8. Awesome link - cheers for your help rwg
  9. Cheers for the tips - any idea where I can get a mask to fit my scope? Can't seem to find one anywhere at the moment...
  10. Getting a bit annoying now - but I'm consistantly getting fuzzy jupiters out of my scope and webcam setup (individual frames from late Wednesday morning attached)... Can't seem to get any detail (post stacking) and no amount of tweaking the capturing setting seems to make any difference. Have tried different combinations of focus, gain, brightness, contrast, exposure blah blah blah. Simple question? Is there anything I can do to get better results? I'm convinced there's a setting or something that I'm missing. Or is this what I can expect with the equipment I have available? Is this the averga
  11. Great image - don't suppose you remember what capture program and settings you used do you? I once tried a 3x and a 2x but the result was 5% the quality of this one.
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