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  1. Hello again! It's been a long while since I was here last. Hope those I got to know a little last time are fine and well. I had a bad summer, my Mum was quite ill (OK now!) and I had some personal problems too. Looking forward to a winter of stargazing (weather permitting ) and climbing back onto the "learning curve". If past experience is anything to go by I know I will get lots of help here and it will be much appreciated.
  2. Glad you got it sorted Bev. I am still relying on my battery pack and whilst it does slow down after a few hours I have managed to get what I thought was a decent run from one set of Duracell. Really need a power tank though! Have fun! Isn't Saturn cool!
  3. We could always see if Patrick is still in touch with this guy! YouTube - Can You Speak Venusian?
  4. It would be nice for us all to spare a thought for Colonel Gagarin today. Maybe a quick toast with a shot of vodka (or whatever your tipple) to remember him and what he achieved as an "ordinary bloke" from a humble background. One of the first things I learnt as a kid when I became fascinated with the space race was the name of Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. Here's to you Yuri.
  5. Thanks for that steppenwolf. Is there an easy way to determine which is the pos/neg wires? Can any of my fellow Synscan users have a look at their battery pack and let me know perhaps? They should all be the same right or am I assuming too much? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Bev, I have the same setup and, whilst sometimes I need a little adjustment, after 2-star alignment the object I want is generally in the FOV. Difficult to offer any better advice than that given to double check your setup of the handset. Hope you get it sorted.
  7. What a chump I am!!! Came in last night from the garden carrying my Skywatcher fully assembled. Plonked it in the middle of the kitchen foor, turned round and walked to the door to close it and forgot that the battery pack was in my pocket. Duh Wires are now pulled off the terminals. Looks as if I can just nip them back under the connectors but do you think it will be ok? Being an electrical duffer I also don't know where to connect black or white wires. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Welcome from another fellow Sheffielder, Ismangil. Have you seen the "South Yorkshire Stargazers" social group?
  9. Glad you found it in the end Stick. I'm a fairly newbie too and I got it the first time in January (early morning). It's a real "wow" moment isn't it! It was always my favourite planet as a kid and still is!
  10. In my experience it does make a big difference. The other night I popped my head out the back door and was convinced it was not worth venturing out (I could not even see The Plough!), my wife was in the kitchen so the light was on, but when I actually shut the door and went out properly I could see loads of stuff. I ended up having a good night.
  11. Hey, no worries! That's what the forum is all about surely. Prompting discussion and development of a theme. You were totally on topic with your question and it has led other members to provide even more info for me to digest and advice to take.
  12. Thanks for all the congrats messages and the heads up on where to go next. I actually managed the split with the SW 25mm (which I was very suprised about!) which in my MAK gives me a mag of only x60. I was beginning to think my scope was only good for planets, the moon and a few of the brighter nebulae but I am so glad that I have found it performs well on stars too.
  13. Well maybe not but I was rather chuffed that last night I was able to split Castor into a double. My first attempt at a double and I was so pleased that I was able to do it. I just have to put in another big thumbs up here to "Turn Left At Orion", what a super book and so easy to understand with it's naked eye, finderscope and telescope drawings. Wonderful! My first proper night out in weeks with my scope and despite the moon I was able to see that double (twice the size of our sun, ten times brighter and 45 light years away ) and also the faint orange star close by. Little steps maybe but bi
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