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  1. I was thinking about launching a weather balloon at night to take some images, I have seen loads on video and images of day time fights but none at night. Is there a reason for this that i am just not seeing, surely if i have the camera at the correct angle i could get some nice pics. Any input wellcome as i know nothing about this just what i have been watching in the net.
  2. Hi all, I have my self a Meade StarNavigator 102mm Refractor that i have been enjoying for nearly a year now and would like some advise on accessories i should get for it?? I have about £150 and want to get the best from my scope
  3. Just had my first look at saturn Its a clear night but i could only make out 1 moon, is that the norm?? nipped down for a look at the moon wow it was so clear tonight, never seen it like that. Cant wait till my local club meets on the 19th, will be my first visit Oppps i have posted this in the wrong place sorry
  4. Is it bad i did not know there was a sgl shop Will have to buy something now
  5. I would like to see a moon base, on the dark side with a big scope, Betelgeuse to let got and man on mars
  6. Ye the snow is not helping but when i get i good night i am on it thanks again
  7. What time can i see saturn?? i am just outside edinburgh, thanks ppl still getting to grips with my new hobby
  8. I have a meade goto scope 80mm (dont know what its called) looks like the Meade DS-2080AT-TC but its blue??? Anyway i have been looking at the stars but would like to do some day time viewing, what filter or filters do i need?? any help welcome thanks
  9. Anyone know the ratings for the show? Would be good to know how many people tuned in, I think they should make it a once a week show could really help newbie's like me.
  10. Well i went back out to try again but i couldnt even get jupiter on the screen, i will try again tomorrow with less exposure etc. Thanks for all the help
  11. no it was a wee vid that i stacked the planet moves quick when i get it in view is this the norm
  12. Here is my first pic with a web cam only my 3ed time out with my scope any tips on what i am doing wrong it should look like jupiter and 3 moons
  13. I got a cheap webcam today and took the lens off and stuck a film case on it, just need a clear night to try it out
  14. I want to use a webcam to take some pics with my scope, I have watched a few youtube vids and they seem to place the cam into the scope with out any lens is this correct??
  15. Thanks for all the info i am sure i will have lots more questions as i am learning from scratch. There is a local astro club that are having a meeting on the 3ed so i think i might pop along and check that out
  16. Hi all and happy new year. I got my first scope for christmas, its a meade autostar 102 with D102mm F800mm f/7.8. Just wanted to know if this is any good, i managed to see jupiter and its 4 moons last night, but would like to see the planet closer up?? Do i need to get a barlow lens to make this happen?
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